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We’ve moved and we love it!

Do you recall last Autumn we told you that lovely Northumberland based Oaklea customers Mr Geoffrey & Mary were in the process of moving….

Well for anyone – moving home is a big thing… but they’ve not gone all old school and got a Priory! (They can be seen enjoying a visit to the historic Tynemouth Priory).

We’ve moved – but we’re still here?

Oaklea’s Janet Wrightson explains: “We’re still in Rothbury, just a smaller house. It’s really lovely – happy days! With their support team they’ve made the most of getting out and about. Justine Rutherford and I went on the bus to Wooler with them both and Chris Mulraney and I went to Tynemouth on the Metro train.”*


Fully settled…it’s bloomin’ lovely!

Janet adds: “You can see them both working hard in the garden at their new home and look at their fab Wisteria. Mary is doing her volunteer work at a local café in Rothbury. She loves nothing better than making the coffees and being helpful. You can also see her taking in the local duck race!”

Going Metropolitan…and on track!

“We have also been to Newcastle – and had a bit of an adventure on the Metro. It would’ve been the wrong platform, wrong train – but Geoff the train expert got us to Tynemouth where we spent a lovely day by the sea.” (regular followers will know Mr Geoffrey had an epic adventure last year on the Eurostar -see below!)

Click on these links for a reminder – the big house move here and Mr Geoffreys’ big train trip to France

*Janet wanted us to not tell you (and we’re all friends) but I think we guessed “If there’s fish n chips involved I’ll go anywhere even if it means hours on a train or bus, but don’t tell anyone – they’ll think I’m only there for the food.” It’s ok Janet we’ll stay schtum LOL!

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