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Speak Up For Care General Election Campaigning

The General Election will take place on 4th July 2024.

Thank you to our members in the Policy & Public Affairs Network and the Marketing & Communications Forum for assisting us in the development of this toolkit. This toolkit builds on our ‘must haves for the next government‘. Further feedback would be welcomed! Please email with any further comments.

Campaigning resources available for download

The toolkit contains important guidance for any members planning to get involved in campaigning now we are in the pre-election period, particularly those which are registered charities. However, we would urge all members to read the toolkit thoroughly and to contact with any questions concerning election campaigning rules.

We will do regular updates to the toolkit as more is known around timings for the General Election and let members know when these have been done.

In addition, we have developed some content for members to use on their websites and also to inspire a series of social media posts using the hashtag #SpeakUpForCare. The suggested posts are in the voice of a care provider, a care worker and someone in receipt of care and could be used to encourage those using your services and their families, friends, supporters and the wider community to lend their voices to help us all Speak Up For Care.

Even if your organisation only has capacity for sharing some of our posts or posting stories of the people you care for using the hashtag #SpeakUpForCare then that’s great! The more the hashtag grows on social media the bigger the impact and the more people we can reach.

Front page of the Election Toolkit
Campaigning Toolkit for Members
Speak Up For Care logo
Website Content
Social Media Content
Speak up for Care Logo

A word of warning regarding using social media – Do be mindful of the negative reactions some users, particularly on X (formerly Twitter), can have towards posts featuring people who use your care particularly where the images include visiting politicians particularly we the election gets closer. We would advise contacting the office of the visiting MP or candidate to agree the terms of engagement for the visit, provide some key points about your service that you would want them to highlight in their posts or perhaps agree some social media wording in advance.

Letter templates to a local MP or candidate

We have also created a series of letter templates to encourage your staff, people who draw on your care and their families, friends and supporters to contact their local MP or candidate and arrange visits to their care settings. All resources are purely intended as guidance to provide a structure and ideas and do not have to be followed to the letter. In fact, we would suggest members to use the templates as a guide and insert their own thoughts and comments into them and encourage staff and those drawing on care using the other templates to do the same.

from a person receiving care or support
from a care worker
from a care manager
from a care provider

EASY READ – letter template to local MP or candidate and guidance

Letter template for a person receiving care and support
Guidance for using the letter template

Letter template from care providers to local media

from a care provider to the local media

Campaigns and publications by members and other organisations

There are several campaigns being run by members which we support and which align to what we are asking for in the Speak Up For Care campaign:

Pay Fair For Social Care Campaign | Dimensions (
Why We Care | Mencap
More Than a Provider Collaborative
Good Lives Manifesto 2024 – Learning Disability England
Show us you care – Care and Support Alliance – representing over 60 of Britain’s leading charities campaigning for decent social care

Please let us know if you would like to add a campaign or publication which isn’t currently listed.

Register to Vote  

Finally, a key part of speaking up for care is enabling people to exercise their democratic rights to vote and engage with politics and politicians. It is very important that those you employ, and support are encouraged and supported to register to vote. There are several key deadlines:

Register to vote Tuesday 18th June. 

Apply for a postal vote by 5pm on Wednesday 19th June. 

Apply for a proxy vote by 5pm on Wednesday 26th June.  

If you don’t have an accepted photo ID, register for free voter ID by 5pm Wednesday 26th June.  

The Electoral Commission website has more information. Accepted forms of photo ID can be found here. The My Vote, My Voice website also has useful information and easy reads about the voting process.