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CQC special briefing for NCF members on the new regulatory model for social care - November 2023

The CQC started to implement elements of their current approach and the KLOES in 2012 and the full rollout for adult social care services began in 2014. Since then, they have completed a full round of inspections for all registered services using the current methodology (with a few exceptions depending on the date they registered with the CQC). This, along with their new thinking set out in their strategy, has caused them to take a fundamental look at their current regulatory model, added to which we have had the pandemic and of course, the CQC now have the duties of oversight for local authorities & Integrated Care Systems.

NCF has produced the following document as a resource for NCF members on what we know so far. 

** The document was emailed directly to NCF members on 15/11/2023 **

If you have any questions relating to this briefing, please contact Liz Jones, NCF Policy Director 

CQC Trade Association meetings

Once a month, a representative from NCF attends these meetings. They are a chance for the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to provide updates to key stakeholders within the Adult Social Care sector.

The meetings also enable NCF to feed back any issues our members are facing or suggestions members would like to put forward to CQC. This is a valuable opportunity for us to raise issues directly with CQC colleagues and seek their help in resolving them/ help to shape their thinking.

Please do make the most of this monthly opportunity to have your voice heard directly by the CQC. Slides can be accessed via the Button below.

If you would like to discuss the meetings further, please contact Liz Jones, NCF Policy Director