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9 words for care campaign


The Queen’s Speech 2021 afforded the reform of social care only nine tiny words. This was the only acknowledgement given to a sector that impacts the lives of millions of people, and has been on the promise end of reform from multiple governments for the best part of thirty years.

Deeply frustrated by the minimal focus on social care in the Queen’s Speech, we made a call out on 12th May 2021 to those who work in the sector, receive care and support, relatives and friends, providers, commissioners, local government, parliamentarians and the wider public to find out what they would have said about how important social care was – if they only had 9 words.

The response to the #9wordsforcare call out was incredible. In just 48-hours, we received over 400 submissions and hundreds more who engaged and commented on the ambition for social care.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this campaign, we want to show that social care reform really matters to people, and that they want it to really matter to those in power.

We’ve categorised the responses into six headings:

  • Reform
  • Workforce
  • People
  • This matters to us!
  • Funding
  • Action now!

See all of the responses below

#socialcare can prevent the need for #Hospital care.
A proper plan that recognises working aged disabled people
Be empathetic, use your power to affect positive changes
Care makes a difference. Reform must do the same
Care whether social / health is a right for all
Change the narrative – admission to care is not failure
Change the narrative and stigma attached to Social Care.
Cornerstone of society that deserves due care and attention
Deinstitutionalise Care into Home-based Care
Don’t forget the #mumtest & make it easier please!
Early intervention and prevention by uniting housing with care.
Early intervention matters for positive social care outcomes.
Fairness, respect and choice – the future of social care
Focus fair access long-term person central policy not politics
Focusing on the future to make better lives happen
Health care and social care are one ecosystem together
Holistic reform creates balance and creates collaboration for all.
Homecare, supported living, residential care, nursing care need care.
Hope, dignity, compassion and empowerment collide for living life!
Housing’s social architecture is as important as its’ physical
How about social and health care from now on
Improve Community, communication, and culture. Remove oppressive risk aversion
In our lifetime, everyone needs access to social care
Include social care in conversations it makes a difference!
Innovative thinking, ensuring integration and inclusion in social care.
Lessons have been learned but we’re still failing tests
Let’s do it without the government- because we care
Let’s raise the profile of Social Care all together
Now is the time to listen to the careworkers.
Now is the time to listen to the residents.
Parity of esteem, parity of esteem, parity of esteem
People as equal partners in designing care and support
Plea for politicians work with people who have disabilities.
Providing care isn’t optional and neither is social care reform!
Put unpaid carers at the heart of the reforms
Quality Improvement is essential to improving care for patients
Reform needs to be intergenerational, recognise interdependency, and be inclusive.
Remember the social care in health and social care
Remove commodification of care, it is NOT an industry
Social care free at the point of contact, yes?
Social Care leadership can’t be cis white abled dominated
Social care must be given parity with the NHS
Social care mustn’t always be bottom of the list
Social care needs to “level up” for mental health.
Social care should be about the fulfilment of life
Social Care the underdog, yet essential to all
Start with what humans already do well not reinvent
Stop making care an adjunct of the housing market
Supported freedom through removal of barriers and abundant choice
The old one – Out Out Out – The positive – In In In – The future – sur le mur
Think Housing in the future of care and support!
To work as one, end multiple players, properly regulated
True integration with NHS to deliver what residents need
Vital services that should be heard, appreciated and supported
We care. Reform ensures no one goes without care.
We must fix what’s wrong and develop what’s strong
What would the nation do without social care provision?
When people properly value social care transformation will happen!
When talking about health it must include mental health
Why is social care not prioritised like the NHS?
Broken care system can’t put care first.
Social care is just as important as health care
Words matter. ‘Care and Health’ has a totally different weight than Health and Care
Working together a sustainable improvement for everyone is possible
Boris, what care would you want for your parents?
The Cinderella to the NHS


Amazing inspiring people making a huge difference every day
Better quality & access, universal entitlement, support family carers & workforce
Care and support for carers keeps older people safe.
Care workers are skilled professions, let’s level them up #levellingup
Care workers are underpaid for their contribution to society
Careworkers look after the residents, residents look after careworkers.
Caring for our carers ensures care for us all
Caring is a specialist profession undertaken by dedicated individuals
Clapping for Carers is for Life, not just Coronavirus!!
Develop national learning strategy that supports retention and value
Employ enough staff to change residents incontinence pants regularly
Empowering a workforce to support people live meaningful lives
Fair pay for Social Care staff
Fully state funded care delivered by properly trained staff
Fund social care and reward workers for being fantastic!
Funding, parity with the NHS and workforce reward & recognition
Give careworkers a fair wage, listen to residents
Higher status & appreciation – properly resourced and value driven.
Highly skilled people building relationships based on respect reciprocity.
I’d like to start by saying a thank you
If you really care you would talk to careworkers.
Integrated seamlessly with health and all workers recognised professionally
Invest in social care workers, they’re true heroes
Love, support and reward our carers like never before
Must reflect and recognise the talent of the workforce
Narrow the pay gap between CEO’S, BOD and careworkers.
Nature, the arts, emotional intelligence and investment in people.
No recognition, no hope, no workforce, no social care!
Older people and their carers deserve great social care
Over worked, underpaid careworkers get no respect from politicians.
Parity of esteem for frontline workers with NHS colleagues
Pay careworkers at least the real Living Wage now
Proper recognition and remuneration for the social care workforce
Putting the ‘super’ into superheroes, each and every day
Quality, dignified care. A system properly funded, staffed, valued.
Recognition for the passion and dedication of care workers
Skilled, selfless and inspiring individuals, making smiles every day
Social care isn’t just wiping bums and drinking tea
Stop CEO’s robbing elderly, vulnerable and the disabled residents.
Thank you to all who have and do care
Time for careworkers to work together and kick ass.
Twenty-four/seven, they never seem to tire. Always there.
Unpaid Carers want to be seen, heard and included.
Unwavering care and support delivered by incredible selfless people
Whether informal/vocational its Caring, Compassionate and kindness
Change society’s perception of how care workers are viewed
Care for all, pay rise for carers, no delays!
The unsung many keeping the vulnerable safe, need recognition.


Adding quality years to life
Addressing things that matters to residents, staff and family
Behold, 1.6 million people step out of the shadows
Care with Compassion? Time slots. Named visitors. No touch.
Caring support without exceptions with equal opportunities to all
Celebrating the uniqueness in everyone, supporting independence and choice.
Children transitioning to adult services to have wider choice
Communication, speak to families, working together, unites we stand
Communities, relationships, people, purpose: the potential of social care
Consistent and tailored to the individual, a happy home
Decisions about housing are decisions about care. Prioritise independence.
Definitely accessible for and to all. Quality care should never discriminate.
Diabolical mental health support need early person centred care
Disabled or able bodied all need to be heard.
Do the elderly and vulnerable know about the disabled.
Do the right thing for our parents & grandparents
Don’t forget the 1.5 million people ageing without children
Empowering and supporting people to live well with dignity
Enabling people and communities to live their best life!
Enabling people live best possible life IS ‘levelling up’.
Enabling people to live their best lives without limits.
Essential care giver must be enshrined in law now
Everyone has the right to live a full life
Everyone should have fair access to great quality care
Families/individuals needing care should have choice, including #livein 
Family members are essential for their loved ones wellbeing
Flexibility, choice & control in all care & support
Giving helpful support for a dignified quality of life
Happy life first, social care helps you live it!
Helping everyone live the lives we want to lead.
Helping people to live their best lives, choice, control
How can we maintain independence and dignity in care?
How do you explain to some one with dementia.
I thought the UK was the best for disabled people.
I want families to give the recognition we deserve.
Immediate and meaningful mental health support for all.
Improve life chances for young people through early intervention
Integrated, sustainable care enabling independent purposeful living with dignity
Integration of all using and providing care moving forwards
#socialcare system that relies on family is unsustainable
It’s Tome to start enabling families, not just individuals.
Let government remember working age adults in care too
Let’s enable everyone to live life to the full.
Let’s focus on making people feel they are worthwhile!
Listen and respond to those with lived experience first
Looking beyond clinical needs, to enrich and support individuals
Making a positive difference in people’s lives every day.
Named visitors. Time Slots. 1hr a week. Stop Prisonisation.
Never shut care home residents away from family again
Older people deserve your full attention and your best efforts.
Peer support groups and idea sharing benefits social care
People (and our supporters) living their best lives
People deserve cohesive, supportive, flexible services working for them
People of ANY age in care homes have rights
A community-friendly family Unrecognized by its potential
People who are skilled, confident, supported, diverse, valued, recognised.
People with learning disabilities deserve better from the politicians.
People with learning disabilities should be heard inside care.
People, people, people, what would you want for yourself?
People, relationships, communities, trust, hope, respect, equality, rights, love.
Care homes must never again forbid family care giving
It is Ageist to commodify older adult support
Person-centred not service driven nor means tested
Putting needs of people, not systems, first for mental health
Research participation improves quality of social and health care
Resident needs MUST be at centre of all decisions
Residents denied human rights, care homes forgotten, never again
Residents with capacity need to be taken seriously.
Respect. Acknowledge. Individuals with LD not same as eldercare.
Safe, caring, appropriate and inspiring support/environment for everyone
Seeing the best in people and helping them flourish.
Social and creative connections improve lives every single day
Social care – The heart of communities led by communities
Social care includes working age adults, don’t you know!
Support people in life and death with absolute dignity
Supporting independence needs culture change not financial sticking plaster
Supporting people to live the lives that they choose
Supporting people to live their best choice led lives
Supporting people to live with purpose, autonomy and friendship
Supporting people to stay in control and be happy
Sustainable and equal access to care and support services
Sustainably meeting personalised needs In ways that Everyone understands
Thank you/People are people/We can do this!
The right care for the person and their circumstances
The truth is nobody will interview someone with disabilities.
Time to make social care work for all please
To enable more to live better lives for longer.
Treat disabled people the way you’d wanna be treated.
Vulnerable people any age, receive right care, whatever setting
We must start seeing and treating people as….people
When will government prioritise those with a learning disability
Who is this mysterious tribe called “the elderly”?
Work with families for quality of life and happiness
Young or old, all in care, must be heard
” Unwanted, unloved and ‘uncared’ for is the greatest poverty.” (Mother Teresa)
A fulfilling life experienced with choice, dignity and equity
A misfortune not an indulgence. All ages need Care.
Affordable, Effective and Compassionate Social Care available to ALL.
As a disabled resident why is everything a fight
Ask reporters on Twitter to treat us much better.
Better have decent Wi-Fi and a loud music system
Can I live in an Eden Alternative home please?
Care “from the cradle to the grave” was promised
Care as a lifelong right not a lifelong cost
Care is not a product it is a verb
Care should include things that make life worth living
Could the politicians wash, dress, feed disabled residents daily.
Do as you would be done by.
Do not ignore us or let us down again.
Do tv and radio journalists support and hear us.
Do we really trust Jeremy Hunt and Matt Hancock.
Don’t treat care as something you will never need
Empowering relational support to live the life I choose.
Enjoying a fulfilling life like anyone else – that’s care!
Every day to be the best it can be.
Feeling physically and emotionally well, and with relational connections
Flexible, reliable, affordable, considerate support – for me, with me
For all families when they need it to be
From the cradle to the grave
How many celebrities would like to work in care.
How many journalists would like to work in care homes.
How we care is who we are as society.
How we support our most vulnerable surely transcends politics?
I want carers allowance to be a decent amount.
I want politicians to give the recognition we deserve.
I want the disabled on benefits to be respected.
I wonder if social care is in the news
If you really care you would visit the care homes.
In your later life, who’ll be there for you?
Kind and dignified support to live your best life
Leading my life in the place I call home
Live well at home and flourish in our communities
Living a good life with the people I love
Living independently at home with the support I choose
My hard-working parents deserve affordable, good quality care now.
My life, my way
My Life, my way. Social care support if needed.
No long grass or road left for the can
None of us is getting out of here alive
O life how far to go, with his memories
Older people are you and I grown older – care
Pooled by everyone, there for of all of us.
Quality services offering real choice achieving my personal outcomes.
Recognise the importance of the everyday for everyone
Respect what can I do, support what I can’t
Social care for the life you want and choose
Social care is about home, love, purpose and hope
Social care is about us, not them and us
Social care is support to actually live life.
Social care is support to live your chosen life
Social care so everyone can live good, ordinary lives
Social Care, Housing and Health are all equally important
Start publishing guidance at 9am Monday not 7pm Friday!
Stop ignoring us listen to the careworkers and residents
Advice and guidance to navigate a complex care system
Living to my full potential and delighting in connectedness
Support to live my life my way #autonomy
Support when needed to live life how it’s wanted
The fullest possible life for everyone whatever the circumstances
Time for our voices to be heard by journalists.
Time to get our voices heard among the celebrities.
Time to get the recognition we deserve from celebrities
Together we can build the world we long for.
We have to make change actually happen from below.
We must make care work for all of us!
We private providers need our voices to be heard!
We want humanity to treat the disabled equally
We want humanity to treat the disabled respectfully
We who live in care demand you sort social care.
We will all need it, it’s life and death
What do you want for your own (later) life?
What matters to – not what’s the matter with – you.
You can never care too much about social care
Can we have a reasonable care funding level? Nein!
Care charges should not increase when benefits are increased.
Catastrophic care costs … Difficulty accessing … Poor quality of care
Equal funds and recognition as to the NHS
Equality of access & funding, delivered by valued staff
Free at point of delivery. Seamless service with health.
Free at the point of delivery National Care Service
Free Social Care for all funded like the NHS
Fully funded so people can thrive not just live.
Fully funded well run Social care system required now
Fund it properly, pay people properly, deliver it now
Fund it, support it, you may need it
Fund, respect, value social care as we do health.
Great quality care, which is fair and funded – now! #fixcareforall
It’s not just an elder care funding conversation
It’s about so much more than just the funding
Need should dictate how much is ‘in the pot’
No investment in innovation for Care means no progress
Nothing about us without us – community led with state cash
Parity with the NHS, overhaul funding and respect staff
Proposals should ensure £££ for all types of services
Quality care costs so we must all contribute more
Right funding, right time. People living well and thriving.
Underfunded, under-recognised but essential for people’s quality of life
Underfunded, understaffed, and underskilled sector losing the blame game
Where is the funding for preventative support?
Without proper funding there will be no proper care
Worthy of real investment, regarded as a national treasure!
Emotional, political and financial investment to care for all
1.5m People Say ‘Stop Waiting, Reform Social Care Now
9 words said a lot, neglecting #care must stop.
Ambitious reform backed by appropriate investment is needed now
Care in crisis, needs urgent review and reform now.
Dear Boris, let’s reform social care together, for everyone.
Disappointed to see the Queen being Boris Johnson’s corgi
Fix Care For All carers, all older people, now!
Germany reformed in 1995, why is England so behind!
Have you a proposal to fix what politicians broke.
Honour your promise to give social care unlimited words!
I see the government have delayed reforming social care
If Australia can fix care (mostly), why can’t UK?
In need of reform to meet everyone’s future needs.
It’s really not that hard – get on with it!
It’s time to stop talking and do something bold
Its essential social care reform starts to occur now !
It’s not about England or Germany, England is reformed.
Lack of action has impact on people and lives
Let’s not wait for the Government, we got this
Let’s work together and keep putting the pressure on.
Make the government pay for what they have done!
National bipartisan debate. Raise public awareness. Time to mobilise.
Nine words butter no parsnips. Get the plan done.
No more excuses. No more delays. Fix social care.
No time to waste, social care affects us all.
Of all political failures, failure to care is worst
Older people have waited long enough – fix social care!
Promises promises promises now deliver reforms reforms reforms!
Reforming #socialcare: not that expensive and not that hard
Show the nation cares (It’s really not that hard!)
Social care = people, dignity, choice. Reform needed now.
Social care deserves more than 9 words, act now
Social care is everyone’s business, let’s sort it now
Social care needs total reform not sticking plaster solutions
Social care reform failure leaves families at breaking point
Speedy, inclusive, consultative reform and substantial investment needed now
Stop being political cowards. Act now, or face calamity.
Stop making excuses and deliver on the promises set
Stop saying its too difficult to reform. It ain’t.
Stop with the promises and take action on #socialcare.
The clock is ticking, time flies, no more delays!
The PM must fulfil his promise to fix care
The Queen demands Boris honours social care reform promise
There’s plenty of advice, now focus on the solution
Time to call hands to action, not just clapping
Time to listen, listen, listen politicians stop ignoring us.
Twenty years of care procrastination. Politicians. Hang your heads.
Urgent action needed now. Everyone will need care eventually.
We do not want proposals, we need action
We don’t want more broken promises for social care
We need less talk more action or people march.
We’ll just kick the can further down the road…
What is government for, if not social care reform?
What’s more important than fixing our social care system?
Where is that plan announced in July 2019, Boris?
Why are we still waiting for social care reform?
With great power comes great responsibility-time for action
With public comes votes…comes political will for change.
Without social care reform there will be devastating consequences
You’ve had thirty years to fix this. Do it.