The National Care Forum is proud to support The Road Worlds for Seniors 2019 organised by our partner Motitech, the Norwegian company behind Motiview.

Motiview is a motivational tool that stimulates older people and people with dementia to be more physically and cognitively active.


Using an especially adapted indoor exercise bike, video and sound the participants, people living in care homes and visiting adult day care centres, take part in this annual, one-month event that coincides with the official UCI Road World Championships for professional cyclists from 22 – 29 September.

Many age-related disorders are caused by physical inactivity rather than age itself. That is why we try to build and facilitate a movement of focusing on physical activity and physical and mental wellbeing for older people and people with dementia, and the Road Worlds for Seniors is an important part of that campaign.

Through the Road Worlds for Seniors, Motitech want to emphasise that physical activity and sport is not only for the young and strong – it is for everybody and to change the focus on abilities instead of disabilities when it comes to older people living in care homes and people with dementia.

To motivate older people and people with dementia to be more physically active, the video and cycling concept Motiview is used. This allows the participants to cycle to videos from familiar streets and roads and childhood memories – as well as videos from their worldwide library. This stimulates physical exercise independently of functional levels – everybody can use it and experience the benefits of physical activity in this way. Motiview has been used for six years in the Nordics, and it has now been piloted in the United Kingdom together with Sport England and British Cycling.

As the official Road World Championships for professional cyclists is held in Yorkshire this year, Motitech have entered into a partnership with the British Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Sport England, British Cycling, Care England, National Care Forum, and others to make the Road Worlds for Seniors a grand event in this country as well. Last year, 2400 residents from care homes from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, United Kingdom, and Canada signed up for the championship.

Through the NCF Rising Star Programme, Motitech are now reaching out to care homes across the NCF membership and the nation, and the goal is to have about 2000 participants from care homes and users of adult day care centres from the UK taking part this year. They will be a part of this international championship and compete with thousands of others from the Nordics, Canada, Australia, and the US.

The championship has been run for two years already, and a lot of press coverage has sparkled in its wake, which aids in the process on focusing on this important issue. The aspiration is for the Road Worlds for Seniors to become the single largest sporting event in the world in number of participants, and we see this goal to be realistic to reach within a few years’ time.

This video shows some insights into the fun and joy around the Road Worlds for Seniors. Motitech exhibited at the NCF Annual Conference 2019 a highly successful and innovative event focusing on the Future of Care.