The Margaret Thatcher Infirmary


Royal Hospital Chelsea was recently inspected (8 August 2019) and has retained their Outstanding rating!

The Margaret Thatcher Infirmary, which encompasses the Royal Hospital Chelsea’s care home with nursing, GP practice and domiciliary care service, was awarded with an overall rating of ‘Outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) on 29th November 2016. Susan Williams, Matron at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, describes the experience of the inspection below. You can access the full report here

The unannounced inspection of our care home with nursing, medical centre and domiciliary care service was held over three days.

We believe the submission of the comprehensive Provider Information Return (PIR) and an up-to-date NMDS-SC provided reassurance that we knew what we were doing prior to inspection. In preparation, we undertook a thorough review of policies with front line staff, adopted wall flowcharts to highlight crucial areas, held regular meetings with staff at all levels, and focused training on the key areas. However, it was our emphasis on delivering a high-quality, effective, efficient and continuously improving service to Pensioners which resulted in our readiness for inspection.

When the inspection team arrived, there was a sense of nervousness but it was also a great opportunity to showcase the care and support provided to Chelsea Pensioners living at the Royal Hospital Chelsea.

We were ranked Outstanding in the areas of Caring, Responsive and Well-led; ‘People told us staff were incredibly kind and compassionate which had a positive impact on their lives.’

The report demonstrated the high quality of care and the high quality of life we strive to provide to our Pensioners. The Royal Hospital Chelsea is a unique community for army veterans and the final report captured the whole-team approach taken here.

The involvement of nursing and care staff, to the housekeepers and porter team, to the GP and the Captain of Invalids, in supporting our Pensioners is central to our ethos and to the achievement of ‘Outstanding’.

The photo above shows the Chelsea Pensioners enjoying a recent day at the seaside with Theresa, the Activities Coordinator at the Margaret Thatcher Infirmary

View full report here. 

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