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Update from the CQC Trade Association meeting – 3 July 2020

Slides from the monthly CQC Trade Association meeting held 3 July 2020.

Slides include:

  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Strategy 2021: Smarter Regulation for a Safer Future
  3. 16.00 Principles for Innovation in Health and Social Care
  4. 16.15 General update and COVID Update
  5. 16.35 COVID Q&A

Download the slides here.

Our Policy Director, Liz Jones, has highlighted points of note:

CQC strategy

Vision: to be a world class regulator, able to drive improvements in how people experience health and care. CQC recognise need to change as the way people experience health & care – more relevant, responsive, nimbler, better picture of care quality across the system

COVID learning: need to work in new ways to keep people safe; better info sharing; voice or people; commitment and purpose remain strong; clarity of role and purpose in the wider system; reviewing scope of regulation and approach to it; keep pace with changes; reaffirm commitment to safety; better intelligence

4 themes: meeting people’s needs; smarter regulation; promoting safe care; driving improvement.

There are some webinars, however these are now fully booked!

Consulting on two bits of guidance: Digital care records & Principles for enabling successful adoption – will go on Citizen Lab first for us to comment as Trade Assocs before it goes public.

Other points

  • Podcasts are back, with ESF experience conversation; some on the strategy development next
  • Communication about deaths in care homes in last week’s bulletin – being asked via FOIs to share data about where deaths in care homes have happened, at home specific level – CQC is getting a lot of pressure on this. Trying to resist – BUT providers need to step up here and share information about COVID outbreaks in their care homes with families. Will have to release this info eventually as can only argue against the FOI requests for so long – will give us notice of when and how and will work with us on nuancing.
  • Closed cultures work – new guidance issued – CQC very concerned about more closed cultures emerging from closed environments; asking inspections to think carefully about this during any ESF conversation, and if they pick up concerns or issues then need a management review meeting to see what further action is needed – further monitoring or a visit or an inspection.
  • COVID update
    • ESF – done nearly 20% of all registered locations – 36% in ASC locations – and 86% of the high risk ASC locations; no data on the judgement of managing/ requiring support as revamping their criteria.
    • Ten Principles to follow to return to inspections: keeping people safe; inspections will increase as COVID decreases; minimising burden on providers; no return yet to the previous frequency rules; focussed and targeted, not full inspections, minimising time on site; trying to do as much virtually as they can; will take the precautions re PPE and IPC and testing (awaiting a decision on testing for inspectors) when possible; cross sector consistency; will re-establish the inspection programme of planned inspections.
    • IPC support in care homes – been asked by the Taskforce to consider an enhanced role in IPC in care homes; will build it in to inspections in care homes – just starting this, will share learning and good practice

Provider Collaboration Reviews – rapid reviews, being done remotely in 11 locations – look at the interface for health and social care for the over 65s groups in terms of how the COVID response as worked out; reminiscent of the Local Systems Reviews; will go into their insight work; talking to providers of care, the LA, the acute sector and other partners within an ICS/ STP area.

If you have any queries or suggestions for the next meeting, please contact Liz Jones Liz Jones by email:

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