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Update from the CQC Trade Association meeting – 11 December 2019

Our Policy Director, Liz Jones, attended the monthly CQC Trade Association meeting on 11 December 2019.

Updates from the CQC

Podcasts from the CQC
The CQC are trialling new channels of communications and new content to engage stakeholders, so look out for their new podcast series in early 2020. The first series will have a provider focus and the first podcast will be out week commencing 13 January 2020. The CQC will also explore how to ensure that there is a feedback mechanism for the issues explore din the podcast and a way to ask/ answer subsequent questions.

Action: the CQC is looking for ideas for topics for future podcast series and for people to take part – if you are interested, let Liz know!

Provider/ inspector workshop: How to get the most out of inspection: Towards a shared commitment for providers and inspectors – further discussion
Following the workshop in November 2019, the CQC presented back the findings and key points for further discussion and sense checking. We agreed that we are working towards a set of shared expectations and behaviours to enable us all to get the most out of the CQC inspection approach.

The CQC presented the purpose of the workshop as: To work collaboratively to develop a resource for providers and CQC inspectors that makes sure everyone can get the most out of inspection by:
• Addressing popular misconceptions
• Clarifying common misunderstandings
• Removing barriers to effective working

• We re-emphasised to the CQC the importance of framing this work within a partnership approach as we all want the same thing in the long run – high quality, person centred care for all.
• We also agreed that we should articulate a clear set of behaviours that both providers and inspectors can expect and exhibit, with respect being at the heart of this.
• We considered the slides which presented 3 sets of shared expectations:
o Before the inspection begins – this includes: beginning the inspection well, clarity about why the inspection team is there and what they will do during the inspection time onsite, the importance of good preparation by the inspection team and the importance of managers understanding the KLOES, respecting the rhythm of the day in the care setting and not getting in the way!
o During the inspection – this includes: inspecting for innovation, giving feedback throughout the day, the importance of clear questions and making sure they are understood, the importance of enabling the manager ‘time to shine’ and explaining about the service and its outcomes for people, the importance of making digital technology accessible to the inspector as required (care plans, eMAR etc)
o At the end of the inspection – this includes: the expectation that there should be no surprises in the feedback, it should feel like it has been done in partnership, what happens next and clarity on the post inspection visit timescales and process

Next steps: CQC will refine and amend and we will discuss and hone at the next meeting in January 2020.

CQC Sexual Safety and sexuality in adult social care
The CQC have been working on this report for some time and it is now in its final stages, with an anticipated potential publication date of early February 2020.
We have consistently emphasised to the CQC the importance of balancing issues of sexual safety with those of sexual wellbeing, positive relationships and positive sexuality within the report. We have not seen the final version of the report so cannot offer certainty that it will have this balance and messaging.

We have also offered further discussion about the messaging about and communication of the report when it is finally published. The CQC is keen to launch the report with joined up messaging and is seeking support to do so. Again, as we have not seen the final version of the report, it will make shared messaging more difficult.

Download the slides: ASC Trade Association meeting 11 December 2019

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