Social Care Reward Survey

Bookings are now being taken for the Social Care Reward: Pay, Terms & Conditions 2021-22 benchmarking study.

Social Care Reward is the annual study which allows social care organisations to benchmark their pay and benefits packages for 29 front-line roles in 9 English Regions, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The study is free to NCF Members and is a major member benefit

In addition to the Social Care Reward study, NCF Members also have access to participation in the NCF Personnel Survey, an exclusive member benefit, at the same time.  This makes it easier for you to complete both studies at the same time.

Why should you take part?

  • The study provides you with up-to-date information on the reward packages offered across the not-for-profit social care sector, by region and role.
  • Taking part enables you to see how competitive your reward offer is in attracting and retaining front line workers.
  • Participants can select organisations to compare results with from all organisations taking part in the study
  • The study can be used to inform and shape reward strategies for the coming year.
  • It is part of your NCF membership benefits and costs you nothing to take part
  • More pay & reward benchmarking data is useful for everyone – so the greater the number of organisations taking part, the more useful the data is for everyone who takes part!

What do you get by taking part?

  1. Your individual Organisation Scorecard
  2. Sector-wide Social Care Reward 21-22: Pay, Terms and Conditions Report
  3. NCF-only Pay, Terms and Conditions 21-22 Report
  4. NCF Personnel report

Study timeline

Questionnaire available: 1st June 2021
Deadline for completing questionnaire: 27th August 2021
Publication of reports: 25th October 2021
Training webinar: November 2021

Sign up to take part online here

Once you have signed up to take part, Agenda Consulting will be in touch with your joining details including how to access the study.

If you have any questions about taking part, please get in touch with Camilla Clarke on [email protected]

If you would like to discuss the study with NCF, email Su Ray on [email protected]

Social Care Reward: Pay, Terms and Conditions 2020-2021 Report is now available!

The Social Care Reward: Pay, Terms and Conditions 2020-21: Sector Wide Report has now been sent to participants and is based on findings from the Social Care Reward Pay, Terms and Conditions 2020-21 Benchmarking Study. All participating organisations have full access to the report.

*Please note that non-participating organisations may purchase the report – please contact Agenda Consulting directly using the contact details below*

Social Care Reward is a benchmarking study specifically tailored to the needs of the UK social care sector. The study involved benchmarking the social care reward policies and practice of 82 social care organisations in the UK – with 72% of those represented by NCF member organisations.

The study was undertaken by Agenda Consulting in partnership with The National Care Forum and the Voluntary Organisations Disability Group. The study enables not for profit social care organisations to benchmark their pay and benefits packages for 29 front-line roles in 9 English Regions, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Camilla Clarke on [email protected]

Social Care Reward Survey: Pay, Terms and Conditions

The reports, your scorecard and getting the most value out of the study

When you take part in the Social Care Reward benchmarking study, you follow this process:

1. Fill in the questionnaire on your online portal.
2. Review your data and submit for analysis.
3. Select 7-20 peer organisations of your choice to benchmark your results against.
4. Download the report and drill-down into your organisation’s results.

By participating in the study, you receive:

Your organisation’s individual scorecard

  • This compares your organisation’s individual results against your selected peers as well as the whole sample.
  • If you have taken part in previous years, your most recent score will also display in this report, enabling you to track your results over time.
  • You have online access to this, which allows you to drill down deep into your results and analyse your key HR and workforce metrics.
  • You can also download this as a static report, to share with your colleagues.


The sector-wide report

  • This details the overall results from the whole sample of social care providers which took part in the study.
  • This report can be used to identify trends and themes across the sector.
    For participants, the value of the study lies in your individual organisation’s scorecard


To access your organisation’s scorecard:

  1. Head to and access your online portal using the log in button in the top right of the website. Get in touch with Nihal on [email protected] if there are any issues logging in.
  2. Head to ‘Benchmarking’ in the top menu and select ‘Social Care Reward: Pay, Terms & Conditions’ from the drop-down menu.
  3. You’ll see a row for each of the years you have participated in the study.
  4. Click ‘Reports & Drill Down’ for the 2020-21 study.
  5. You’ll see ‘Volume 1: Organisation Scorecard’.
  6. Click ‘Generate New V1 Report’ button.
  7. Once the report has been generated, you can click ‘View/Drill Down’ to access your online scorecard. If you click ‘Download’ then you will be provided with the static report.