Digital Leadership Programme

Driving well-led, person-centred, strategically planned and fully embedded digital tools and platforms is the cornerstone of digitally transforming social care. Our digital leadership programme takes aspiring leaders from across social care through 4 structured modules aimed at upskilling and empowering managers to become Digital Leaders. Each session is designed to encourage and facilitate reflection, understanding and has been designed to be relevant to participants’ organisational settings.

The programme’s content includes:

    • The digital basics – Equipping attendees with the essential knowledge for understanding care systems. This provides a foundation of knowledge for the modules that follow.
    • Leadership and transformational change – A good leader must possess strong change management skills. This module considers change management with a digital lens, providing attendees with an understanding of leadership styles and influence, methodologies for procurement, developing and aligning digital strategy and ‘baking in’ feedback into the process.
    • User centred design – Attendees will delve into designing with the needs and expectations of stakeholders and end users. From involvement to co-design this module will provide good practice that will lead to increased confidence in investing into technological interventions that are effective for both people and organisations.
    • Using data to create change – If used effectively, data can create change. Attendees will be taken through the basics of interpreting data, qualitative vs quantative data types and understanding how social care data differs from other sectors. Attendees will have the knowledge to be digitally literate leaders who can use data and analytics to improve, influence and inform.

This is what our previous attendees have said:

“It made me look at things differently, not just with a care lens, but also with a legislative lens allowing me to look at the implications of decisions from a business perspective and not just a care point of view.”


“The knowledge of the facilitators was brilliant they understood the challenges of a Registered Manager and were able to produce learning examples which were pertinent to our role. The calm atmosphere that was encouraged meant that people felt safe to share challenges and discuss where their organisations were with regards to digital.”


“It was step by step, at a pace that you could easily manage and the work that you were asked to do outside the course was not so heavy that it impacted anything else, you were able to do the work. I liked the content, the way it was put together, it was very, very easy to follow.”


Please contact [email protected] to find out more about our Digital Leadership programme.