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Spirit Digital are part of the Spirit family of companies. CliniTouch Vie (CTV) is our proven solution which connects carers and nurses with their patients’ responsible GPs. By remotely monitoring care home residents, GPs can triage their care home patients and know when to intervene, reducing hospital admissions and increasing health system capacity.

The platform and associated peripheral devices allow real-time biometric and wellbeing data to be collected and entered by the patients’ carers in the home. Unique algorithms automatically calculate a Red/Amber/Green risk rating which are monitored by their dedicated clinician and forms part of each patient’s care plan as set out by their GP.

How it helps:

  • Tracks Vital Signs

Records accurate clinical measurements with Bluetooth devices.

  • Monitors frailty

Monitors each patient’s frailty using a clinically validated frailty question set.

  • Coordinates care

Joins up care between carers, nurses and GPs. Make care consistent across homes and clinicians.

  • Prioritises patients

Quickly provides a patient list triage. See the right patients at the right time.

  • Responds quickly

Detects treatable deterioration sooner. Know when urgent intervention is needed.

  • Reduces admissions

Reduces unscheduled admissions to hospital and increase health system capacity.

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