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Safe Steps was founded in 2018 to eliminate falls in care homes.   Since then, Safe Steps has grown into a suite of products designed to be the digital home for the ageing population.

Falls are a major public health problem. An estimated 646,000 people die from a fall each year.  The human consequences of falls can be devastating as well leading to loss of confidence and poor quality of life.  Built to NHS standards and aligned with NICE guidance, our Falls app allows carers to measure 12 key risk factors to identify high-risk citizens, and create a personalised action plan based on 50+ evidence-based interventions.  Thus far our technology has reduced the incidence of falls in care homes by 31%. Safe Steps Falls app is now also available to hospitals and to the public.  We have also developed a community version of the app in partnership with NHS Digital & Local Government Association.

In 2020 Safe Steps deployed the world’s first Covid management app for care homes.  By tracking symptoms, and connecting directly with GPs, Safe Steps was able to identify and accelerate care for the most at-risk individuals in the homes. Our Virtual Ward Round product can be used to combat flu, norovirus or any other infection, and offers additional care features, such as RESTORE-2.

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