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Who are Ryalto

Used by over 100,000 people, Ryalto is the leading mobile app for workforces in care to communicate, engage and work flexible shifts; enabling better patient care whilst delivering critical cost savings.

We have already invested £millions to make the app secure and very easy to use. The app has a news feed that is specific to wherever you are working so you can see, for example; what’s for lunch, hear from the CEO, CMO, or Home Director see how well the charity collection is doing, pick up the latest L&D opportunities or view critical care updates, all in one place.

A communications section with an in-app instant messaging service and phone system that hooks up to the facility phone book (so you can find anyone you need, perhaps clinical or non-clinical support, help with a language etc). Eradicating the need to use Whatsapp and with it the risk of making a potentially career-ending mistake with the sweep of one wrong finger! And you can book yourself into live available shifts to earn a bit of extra cash, whilst helping your hospital save ££’s on hiring agency staff, which in turn improves quality and patient safety! Push notifications ensure that urgent posts hit every single phone, even if the app It isn’t open. This also contributes to better standards for patients and staff, especially at the most testing of times. Imagine getting crucial update information and advice on Covid-19 instantaneously!

Unlike so many other platforms or communication tools, which all too often see a honeymoon period of uptake, Ryalto understands that it is not just tech and content that connects people, it is about creating the right environment where staff feel connected to cause – connected to purpose. Ryalto has a deep understanding and proven track record in helping organisations connect or re-connect people to purpose. This means we can help build and crucially maintain much higher levels of sustained engagement.

The greater the uptake, the more people you connect, the better the outcomes – King’s Fund evidence is clear, engaging your staff leads to better patient and staff outcomes; enhanced wellbeing as well as ‘bottom line’ ROI. 

What is Ryalto?

An organisation created by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals. Following £millions of investment in the research, design and creation of the most user-friendly tech available, our smartphone-enabled app is now being used by 100,000 + people across the NHS, and private sector to:

  1. Engage and connect people using a facility-specific news feed that covers everything from canteen menus to critical patient safety                  announcements
  2. Read live, sector-wide content written by thought leaders and experts to maximise learning opportunities
  3. Communicate and connect with colleagues, risk-free and securely, via an encrypted mobile messaging service and web-based                         telephone  system that is auto-populated   with facility-specific contact details
  4. Receive important ‘Push Announcements’ to instantaneously connect the right people to the right information
  5. Book flexible shifts across all departments; connecting nurses, doctors and non-medical staff to vacant shifts, without having to use agencies
  6. Connect via one simple app to another facility workforce/HR systems such as ESR, L&D, Wellbeing and Holiday Booking.

Why? What are the key outcomes?

 A better informed and engaged workforce = delivery of better patient care and improved performance

Better connected healthcare professionals = closer collaboration, greater innovation and happier staff = better care standards

Address:  Progress House, Plantation Road, Biofield, Norfolk, NE13 4PL
Tel:  01603 211089
Email:  [email protected]
Twitter: @ryaltoapp 
 intagram: Ryalto group

Helpline – open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday: 0208 133 3430 or email [email protected]