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Founded in 2015 and backed up by over 30 years experience in social care, Peter Cheer Consulting offers a wide range of strategic and operational support and advice for care organisations.

Examples that might be of interest to NCF members include:


Ø  SAFEGUARDING AUDITS – A review of safeguarding policies and documentation alongside conversations with the people you support, their relatives and your colleagues. Giving a detailed insight into the health of your safeguarding culture and the assurance of your safeguarding processes.

Ø  COMPLEX OR SENSITIVE INVESTIGATIONS – Efficient and authoritative investigation of particularly complex or sensitive complaints, whistleblowing concerns or grievances.

Ø  EXTERNAL STAKEHOLDER SURVEYS – A series of in depth conversations, focus groups or online surveys with people you support, relatives, commissioners, health colleagues and other external stakeholders. Giving a fresh perspective on organisational strengths and weaknesses in a way that is so difficult to achieve internally.

Ø  BUSINESS CONTINUITY RISKS AND PLANS – Structured exploration of the key business continuity risks faced by your organisation; support as needed to develop new policies and response plans.

Here are some comments from organisations supported previously:

Ø  Peter was focused, organised and thorough, and delivered quality output within agreed timescales.

Ø  Peter’s knowledge, skills and experience, and his ability to act as a critical friend, have earnt him respect across our organisation.

Ø  Peter’s excellent people skills meant that staff at all levels were quickly on board and welcomed the positive challenge Peter brought.

Ø  It’s been a pleasure, what a well led project.

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Peter Cheer Consulting is the trading name of Care Inc Ltd.