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PainChek® is the world’s first pain assessment tool that has regulatory clearance in Australia and Europe, and is transforming pain management to help give a voice to those who cannot verbalise their pain, e.g. patients with dementia.

PainChek’s vision is to be first to market with innovative pain assessment products and services that improve quality of life for people in pain. Using AI and facial recognition technology, PainChek® provides carers across multiple clinical areas with three important new clinical benefits:

  1. The ability to identify the presence of pain, when pain isn’t obvious
  2. To quantify the severity level of pain, when pain is obvious, and;
  3. To monitor the impact of treatment to optimise overall care

PainChek® is a secure smartphone or tablet based medical device that uses artificial intelligence and your input, to assess a person’s level of pain. PainChek® provides a pain score in real time, which will help you gauge whether treatment is required.Address: Suite 401, 35 Lime St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Tel: 1800 098 809
Twitter: @PainChek