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At PacSana we believe that measuring and understanding changes in movement patterns in the home is key to delivering high-quality home care.

Changes can happen slowly and over time, meaning it is hard to see when more support is needed. PacSana provides insight into these changes that show evidence of the level of support needed.

PacSana shares this data with users, their carers, and family members through our easy-to-use smartphone app and dashboard.

We aim to enable end-users with technology to live longer, happier lives in their own homes. Our vision of technology-enabled care is one that puts the user at the heart of the solution.

The simple and unobtrusive solution is focused on comfort, usability, and privacy for our service users. Their willingness to engage with the solution helps drive better home care by revealing sudden and emerging changes in movement patterns. This rich data set is used to better inform care and give meaningful insight to those providing home care and clinical support to seniors at home.

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