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Bryant Medical is a leading U.K. based medical company, providing ‘plug and play’ medical grade air purifiers to use within your facility.
Within Care and residential facilities, a lot of time is spent disinfecting and sterilising the surfaces and equipment used. However, the air we breathe has the potential to cause harm to staff residents and visitors alike. MedicAir has been designed by a team of medical air purification specialists to ensure your facility has the safest indoor environment possible.
We are used by thousands of hospitals, healthcare facilities and offices worldwide, counting within our customers BAE, 3M, NHS hospitals and Fortune 500 companies.
With MedicAir, you can be confident your staff and residents are protected from airborne viruses, bacteria and fungi, as well as other harmful pollutants suspended within the air. Our 5-stage purification pathway removes any odours from the air, without the need for chemical air fresheners which may be harmful to health, ultimately saving you additional health and safety costs and helping you reach the best air for you staff and residents.
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