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Touch screen activity tables by Inspired Inspirations

Inspired Inspirations is a family run business based in Shropshire, who has developed their touch screen activity tables in recent years, while working closely with the care sector.

Imagine a giant Android tablet, built into a robust base for the safety of service users, with heavy duty wheels to be able to take instant and engaging activities to those who need them most. Surrounding the screen is a solid oak frame to add a warm aesthetic, to be more inviting for a service user, as well as looking like a piece of furniture, rather than a clinical piece of hospital equipment.

At Inspired Inspirations, we have not only focussed on developing the most robust on long lasting entertainment module we can, but we also provide on going training at no extra cost to ensure well-being staff have maximum confidence in using the table with service users and getting full engagement. On top of this, we supply our industry lead “Project Well-Being” training plan, which includes 120 free to download apps, which are proven to create engagement and fun within care settings.

Some of our favourite activities include:

  • Reminiscence tours on Google Earth, taking service users to their favourite places in the world on street view and listening to the wonderful stories from their past. Whether in a group activity or individually, this is proven to be heart warming, emotive and very therapeutic.
  • Music therapy on YouTube. Using the immense catalogue of online videos to find music for every occasion, enjoying music quizzes (name that year, who sang this, etc etc) as well as karaoke, dancing and releasing those happy hormones through music.
  • Video calling loved ones. Having group calls on a large screen with loved ones from around the world, rather than having to try and hold a smaller tablet with those who are visually impaired. Nothing beats being able to see loved ones in person, however a great second best is being able to talk to them with a crisp picture and clear sound at any time of the day at the push of a button.
  • Quizzes, bingo, roulette and other group activities. Bring the competition to your communal areas with a huge range of group activities to enjoy. No more spending time creating a quic, getting activities out, or putting them away. With our tables, you have access to all of this at the touch of a screen
  • Management of challenging behaviour. Our tables have been proven to calm or positively engage residents with a routine for challenging behaviour. Whether it’s daily sun downing or a reluctance to be involved with normal care home activities, you can find activities to distract from negative behaviour creating a more positive environment.
  • Physical exercise. Rather than having an external PT visit your home, you can create a daily physical exercise routine in your care home, with a huge range of resources specifically designed for the elderly and those with extra needs. From hand exercise and breathing techniques up to full body and yoga for the elderly. You can have some great fun getting your staff involved too. We all know the importance of physical exercise and the benefits that go with it, the care settings who have implemented a structured routine have noticed a marked improvement in the overall well being of their service users.

Listening to the care sector, we have found that our clients don’t want on-going service fees, expensive software and hidden costs. What we’ve been told you want, is an exceptional, robust, long lasting product, with one cost, a 3 year warranty, with easily accessible after care should any help be required.

Should you like to find out more, please visit which has large range of information to digest, as well as an online shop with our current prices.

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