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Greetings from Inspired Inspirations, a Shropshire-based family business that has transformed the care sector with our innovative Tiny Tablet touch screen activity tables! 

Visualise a colossal Android tablet, safely nestled in a sturdy base and framed in warm oak, designed to be more than a clinical tool, but a delightful piece of furniture.

Our Tiny Tablet activity tables boast robust construction, mobility, and the ability to bring instant, engaging activities to those who need them most. Plus, they offer continuous training for well-being staff at zero extra cost. This ensures your team confidently uses our tables to spark joy and engagement among service users.

We’re thrilled to offer our leading “Project Well-Being” training plan, featuring over 200 free-to-download apps, all tried and tested to boost fun and engagement within care settings. As well as our latest training book which can be ordered here –

Our tablets open a world of activities:

  1. Embark on reminiscence tours with Google Earth, allowing users to revisit their favorite places and share heartwarming stories.
  2. Enjoy music therapy on YouTube, with fun quizzes, karaoke, and dance sessions, releasing those happy hormones.
  3. Facilitate video calls with loved ones on a large, clear screen, fostering warm connections across the globe.
  4. Host quizzes, bingo, roulette, and more group activities. It’s all at your fingertips, no setup or cleanup needed.
  5. Manage challenging behavior, with our tables proven to soothe or engage residents positively.
  6. Encourage physical exercise. With resources specifically designed for the elderly, you can set up a daily workout routine right in your care home.

At Inspired Inspirations, we’ve listened to the care sector. We know you want an exceptional product, free of hidden costs, with a straightforward warranty, and easily accessible after-care support. And that’s precisely what we deliver!

Dive deeper into what we offer by visiting our website at Our online shop is ready with our current prices.

For personalised assistance, feel free to call us at 01746866715. 

Want to see our Tiny Tablet activity tables in action? Schedule a Zoom demonstration by following this link:

We’re excited to welcome you to our Inspired Inspirations family!

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