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We believe that co-creation is key to sustainable change, especially in a sector that thrives when services and stakeholder groups communicate and work together. That is why our mantra is to have “open inboxes and open minds”, we place a great value on partnerships and collaboration, and we are sharing our research online.

Haelu’s core values drive our mission to support a sustainable digital transformation of health and social care:

Co-creation: Designing and implementing digital tools alongside users to minimise disruption and maximise adoption.

Interoperability: Building and providing solutions to work alongside existing systems and processes.

Adaptability: Continually learning to improve our tools in line with new protocols or processes.

With these key values at the core of how we interact, engage, and design, we aim to build person centred solutions that will return immediate value and contribute towards the continuous digital transformation of health and social care.

When Haelu partnered with Cliniconex to bring Automated Care Messaging to the UK, care services and people who draw on care and support were under immense pressure. Haelu has worked with Cliniconex to improve care provider’s connection to families and staff, while at the same time lowering costs and freeing up staff time.

Opening the door to care

Like many during the pandemic, the Haelu founders wished there was more they could do to further support people accessing and delivering care and support services. As such Haelu began exploring the ‘front door of care’ as an area that could be supported by digitisation. Now, as one of the key practices that connect communities and care, Haelu is working towards a new solution for the needs assessment process.

Our research question:

How can we build a solution that can support continuous and fair access to care that is sustainable even through times of duress?

To learn more about our approach and what drives us, read our blog. If you’d like to be involved in our project, we’d love to hear from you.

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