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Getmapping is a leading provider of geospatial data, services and solutions.

Getmapping was the first company to start collecting national aerial photography of the UK in 1999, has over twenty years of experience in the geospatial sector, and still leads the way in the capture, processing and delivery of high-quality national datasets today.

Getmapping is the leading UK provider of aerial survey services – vertical, oblique and LiDAR data – and also provides ground-based survey services using our state-of-the-art Mobile Mapping platforms.

These competencies allow Getmapping to also now pioneer the development of the next generation of 3D geospatial data – KEPLER 5 – providing True Digital Twins of the built environment.

Getmapping supplies Geospatial data, services and solutions to a wide range of markets including the Public Sector, Emergency Services, Utilities, Transport and Infrastructure, Property, Technology Developers, Financial Services, Telecoms, Tourism and Gaming.

Getmapping was also an early pioneer of online services for geospatial data and now provides online access to data through our web shop, as well as a range of managed data feeds, publishing tools and online GIS platforms.

With the launch of our new sensing cameras, GetSensing, we combine innovative camera technology with powerful AI algorithms to create a range of business solutions. We are able to provide ‘Instant Data’ via imagery and analysis for our clients .  When speaking to clients, they explained to us that the biggest issue with camera technologies is the complexity of the solutions including the need for expert installers, and speciailised management of the footage and process.  We have overcome these issues and launched our end-to-end solution – GetSensing, taking the complexity out of visual verification and data analysis processes.Address: Fleet 27, Rye Close, Fleet, Hampshire, GU51 2UH
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