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ExpenseOnDemand was founded in 2003 with a vision to enable companies and their talent to focus on their core job by offering a smart, simple, and intuitive expense management solution.  We have bolstered our technology base and aced the business model to make our solutions affordable to everyone.  We have priced at USD 1 or GBP 1 or Euro 1 or INR 35 per user per month!

What we do:

Our goal is to offer customers a leap in value.  Our mission is to help SMBs automate their employee expense process at a price which is not a burden for any business.  We help SMBs drop the data entry, go paperless and spend more time doing what they love.

To this end, we also offer free or at deeply discounted prices to select SMBs & Charities, with a view to, reduce the financial burden, save costs, free resources, and alleviate lives.

This for us, in our own little way, is revolutionising the way the world works!

Our offer does not end here………………

  • Our USP is “truly” unique – we offer our customers a choice from 100 functions, to ONLY pay for functions they use – and not which they don’t!
  • We offer flexibility – SMBs with as few as 4 people can use our platform, in equal measure, as a 4,000 people company.
  • Our use of technology makes our UX as easy as 1,2,3, without compromising on quality.

We make it simple to capture, process and share financial information instantly.  A unique combination of AI-powered OCR technology and machine learning turns documents into digital data faster, with a level of accuracy you can trust.

In short, we have removed the “fear” from the fear of automation.

Is this the best expenses app in the Universe?  Take the FREE 30 day trial and you decide.

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