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Defibshop is a leading UK supplier of defibrillators, their consumables and training. Our mission is to educate and equip every person to save a life.

There are over 95,000 Sudden Cardiac Arrests (SCA) that happen in the UK each year.  SCA can happen to anyone, at any time regardless of age, gender, health status, ethnicity or geography. 95% are fatal.  The only effective treatment is immediate treatment with CPR and defibrillation. For every minute that passes from collapse the chance of survival reduces by 10%.  Immediate intervention is vital.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest and heart attack are often confused, when in fact they are two different conditions.  In simple terms a heart attack is a plumbing issue with the heart, where the arteries have a build up of deposits, so restricting the blood flow to the heart and causing symptoms such as chest pain and shortness of breath with the individual remaining conscious and breathing.  SCA is an electrical problem with the heart and the individual will collapse and be unconscious.  The heart goes into fibrillation and stops beating in a regular rhythm, stopping the ability to pump blood to the brain and essential organs.  CPR manually forces the blood flow around the body, and a shock with a defibrillator is delivered to stop the fibrillation and bring the heart back to a regular rhythm to restore the bodies natural rhythm.  Treatment within 3-5 minutes after collapse increases survival chances from 6% to 74%.

There are a variety of units available, all of which deliver the required shock, with different options depending on your preference of shock delivery (semi automatic or fully automatic) and considerations such as paediatric switch, IP rating, CPR feedback etc.  We work with our customers to ensure the right unit is put in the right environment.  We also supply  indoor and outdoor storage solutions, as well as signage to ensure the unit is visible and accessible at all times.

Whilst there is no current legislation to enforce the provision of defibrillators in the workplace we work with many forward thinking employers who provide defibrillators on site as best practice and ensuring they offer a heart safe environment to staff, visitors and the wider community.  We hope you will never have to use a defibrillator, but being able to offer the best care in the event of an emergency ensures all possible efforts have been made for that individual.

If you have any questions or would like to talk to the team please do not hesitate to contact us directly on 0161 776 7422.

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