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At Cricketqube, we have only one goal – to we can use cricket to make people healthy and happy. In the two years we have been active, we have worked with more than 500 older adults and delivered sessions at care homes, community centres and sheltered living homes. Our oldest client is 97 years old! 

 We have adapted and perfected how cricket can be played in any setting at any time, and none more so than the work we do in the local community, especially in care homes. We conduct weekly sessions in several care homes in the North East. Our sessions are tailor-made for the residents who may have limited capacity to allow them time out of their day and encourage everyone to have fun. 

The health benefits are also unmatched, with our participants seeing an 86% increase in happiness and an 11% increase in grip strength. The evidence shows that we can transform the atmosphere at a care home with a dime drop and light up residents when the sheer love for the game is expressed in our sessions. But don’t just take our word for it; listen to those participating in our weekly activities… 

 “It was a good laugh, and we all enjoyed ourselves. The staff were really helpful and cheerful.” 

  • Margarete, 82 

“The modified rules make it easier for older people to participate. Very friendly atmosphere, very enjoyable.” 

  • Jill, 90 

“I really appreciate this opportunity and hope it will continue for a long time.” 

  • George, 80 

 Our sessions have made an impression on the care home staff as well. “An excellent project which has built confidence and social skills. Friendly staff as well.” 

  • Lynn, Manager, Riverside Care Homes 

We deliver our sessions now for Anchor Care Homes, Gainford Group, Parkinson’s UK and Riverside Care Homes. Get in touch and let’s play cricket together! 

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