“I would recommend Cliniconex because it solves a sizable problem in a remarkably simple way. They took a big problem and made an easy answer.”  Charlie Anderson, Vice President of Skilled Nursing Operations Brookdale Senior Living

Here at Cliniconex, we have spent the last ten years committed to making a difference in healthcare, focusing on streamlining communication between families, residents, and those who care for them. Since March, we have helped thousands of care homes across North America better communicate and have decided to expand our reach to the UK to further support care teams.

How Does It Work?

Our Automated Care Messaging (ACM) solution condenses hours of manual phone calls into a single, simple task that sends calls, texts, or emails in minutes. By using resident family contact information, you already stored in your EHR, facility administrators can initiate one-to-many notifications. Within minutes, the resident family contacts of a specific unit and/or facility are informed of outbreaks, emergencies, or policy changes. Best of all, every communication is logged, creating an audit trail.

Routine communication for care coordination and care plan reminders can also be triggered through automated workflows.

Furthermore, families can confirm receipt of the message or request a call-back, ensuring that critical messages are received and understood.

Keeping patients and residents at the heart of healthcare

Whether in the middle of a pandemic or transitioning to the ‘new normal’, supporting your care teams in maintaining care quality is imperative.

Automated Care Messaging affords your care team the ability to provide timely updates which keeps resident families confident that their loved ones are safe and well cared for.

Our reliable and efficient system can also reduce the number of inbound calls, as families are reassured that should there be an update – they will be informed almost immediately.

“Hear what some of our current ACM users have to say about the solution in this three minute video

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