Not-for-profit quality care for over 25 years

Care Inc Ltd is a small consultancy founded by Peter Cheer, an independent social care consultant with substantial operational and programme management experience. Highlights of his work include:

  • Managing organisation-wide reviews of safeguarding and contingency planning arrangements; governance, policy and service reviews; managing the implementation of recommendations; work on dignity and engagement; and investigations.
  • Being Independent Chair of the Safeguarding Adults Sub-committee of NCF member Friends of the Elderly.
  • Designing, setting up and managing the Better Security, Better Care programme – funded by NHSX, with NCF as one of its partners – probably the best example of a collaborative, sector led national programme in the adult social care provider sector.
  • Leading the Care Provider Alliance’s Improving Care Sector Engagement programme, funded from 2017 to 2019 by DHSC and with key outputs on contingency planning, engagement with the NHS and innovation.
  • Previous senior operational experience including developing new services, managing large scale organisational change, and establishing arrangements for the people supported by a national charity to be part of its governance.
  • Excellent connections with the national trade associations, local care associations and other sector bodies.
  • A creative, strategic approach combined with practical problem-solving ability.
  • Able to assimilate and distil large volumes of information and to write accessibly for a range of audiences.
  • Skilled at working with diverse stakeholders and getting things done through influence and negotiation.

Previous clients, including NCF members, have said:

“Peter was focused, organised and thorough, and delivered quality output within agreed timescales.”

“It’s been a pleasure, such a well-led project.”

“Peter’s knowledge, skills and experience, and his ability to act as a critical friend, have earnt him respect across our organisation.”

“Peter’s excellent people skills meant that staff at all levels were quickly on board and welcomed the positive challenge Peter brought.”

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