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ATLAS EMAR is the only electronic medicines management system in the UK, proven through independent research to improve resident safety, care home efficiency and accountability. Our mission is to improve safety, compliance and simplifying all of the medicine management processes. 

Research carried out by Cardiff University highlighted that ATLAS EMAR eradicate 21 out of 23 medication error types, save 65 staff hours per month on medication, representing over £1500 savings per month and improve accountability by reducing missing entries by 85%.

There are four unique features of ATLAS eMAR:

  1. Use of barcode validation to ensure all the rights of medicine administration are checked. This feature eradicates most common medication errors.
  2. Automatic two-way link between the pharmacy and care home. This ensures that the pharmacy is aware of therapy changes made at the home and can sort out discrepancies with prescriptions before they become errors. The pharmacy can also see all prescription requests and the actual stock counts of each medicine at the care home. This leads to efficiencies in ordering, booking in and returning of medicines.
  3. The data from ATLAS eMAR on medication administrations can now be viewed on most e-care planning platforms through our open API. This means that all aspects of resident care including medications can now be viewed in one place.
  4. ATLAS eMAR can now be used on any suitable android device. This means that if you already have an android device for e-care plans, then you can run ATLAS eMAR on it, making it a very cost effective option.

ATLAS eMAR has a national network of enabled pharmacies and can work with any pharmacy, as long as they agree to support the care home with the technology.

The implementation is detailed and fully supported. Training is via on-line e-learning and webinars. Over 95% of care homes who implemented ATLAS eMAR indicated that they would never go back to their traditional medication system.

ATLAS EMAR is currently supporting the following NCF members with their medicine management processes:

  • Care South
  • Sanctuary Care
  • Royal Star
  • Key Change
  • Amica Care
  • HMT
  • Rusthall Lodge
  • Thorngate Churcher
  • One Housing 442-450 Stapleton Road, Bristol, BS5 6NR
Tel: 07854 644 634
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @AtlasEMAR

Helpline – open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday: 0208 133 3430 or email [email protected]