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The CQC single assessment framework – everything you need to know

What is changing, what is remaining, and what you need to know about the CQC single assessment framework 

Later this year, and into 2024, the CQC will be introducing the new single assessment framework in phrases which will replace the existing key lines of enquiry (KLOEs). The new framework will be rolled out in the South network in November 2023 (next month) and then to the rest of England by March 2024. 

The main reasons behind the change are to make the process of evaluation simpler, so that the CQC can focus on the areas that are of the highest importance, as well as the need the better reflect how care is being delivered when taking the different types of services as well as a local area into account, and the recognition of the need for one framework that connects the CQC’s registration activity to their assessments of quality. Read more here.

How managing medications can be the key to preventing falls

Keeping track of medications with ATLAS eMAR

Falls are common in older adults and can negatively impact their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Care home staff need to take preventive measures to reduce falls, and one way to do that is through managing medications.  

Care home residents are often prescribed several medications to manage their medical conditions. While these medications can help with the intended purpose, they may also come with unintended side effects, for example, fatigue and drowsiness. Furthermore, combining multiple medications can increase the risk of drug interactions, causing unwanted side effects and increasing the risk of falls in older adults. Therefore, it’s crucial for care staff to carefully monitor and manage medication intake to avoid any potential complications. 

Learning to manage resident’s medications well and understanding how they affect the resident is an essential part of fall prevention and avoiding the issues that present themselves after a fall, such as injuries, pain, loss of confidence, emotional trauma, etc.  Read more here.

Top Tips from an eMAR expert: Ensuring your care home medication management process is operationally efficient!

7th November 2023 | Time: 10am GMT

About this webinar:

Are you a care home manager maximising the resources available with medication management? Are you following the process of medication efficiency? Are your staff compliant with your medication policy? 

In this webinar, Martin Wall, ATLAS eMAR expert, will demonstrate how to utilise your resources through medication efficiency, how an eMAR system, and in particular ATLAS, can assist you in a variety of operational efficiencies such as:

– Understanding an audit
– Stock management
– The significance of booking in medication, and the warning signals of medication running out. Register here.

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