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Skilled hosts ensure isolated individuals have opportunities for meaningful engagement

Vibrant Communities’ online events are facilitated by skilled hosts who ensure that meaningful engagement is available to even the most isolated individuals.

The events are live every weekday – they save staff time and contribute towards CQC evidence and continual improvement.

The hosts enable personalised and meaningful engagement for isolated individuals whose needs are hard to meet; they get to know them and give them space to contribute and interact with others.

Hosts bring events to life and ensure they are a safe, welcoming and fun place to be.  Bob, one of the regular hosts, says:  “I tell people that I lead creative interactive online sessions for people involved in care – residents, staff, families, and communities. “ 

All our hosts are skilled professionals with years of expertise working with people living in care communities. But more than that, they are all creative and caring people who love being part of a group of people laughing, expressing, and enjoying themselves. As Nat, one of our regular hosts says, “I just think I’m a people person. I just like being with people.” 

A space for individuals to shine

Our hosts make it easy for everyone to take part. They welcome people when they join, and make sure they can take part in a way that suits them best.

A good host creates sessions that engage the interest of participants, whilst building in space for them to contribute.

Most events have two hosts who prepare for and run the event – one leads and the other looks for ways to include and involve everyone in the session.

“It’s vital to watch for opportunities to bring others into the conversation, to respond in the moment to spotlight any participant who has something to offer.” Bob

Nat usually hosts our weekly art group for people who enjoy art (we have a few artists too). The art group is a space to talk and learn about art, share opinions and memories, and hear from other people who share the same interest. Although the group is about art it is about so much more:

“It’s about the art, but it’s also again about making those connections and allowing the residents to talk about their passions, and their memories and who they are as well. So sometimes it’s not just about the art; it’s about facilitating them being able to talk about themselves.” Nat

 A space to get to know people

Our hosts build connections with the people who live and work in the care communities, and staff benefit from getting to know the people they support much better.

Building relationships works best when people come along regularly, and the hosts get a chance to get to know them. Our hosts have time to focus and go into detail with people – we hear all about the small stuff:  

It really is about finding out about residents in their entirety, in their full glory. Not just okay we know you like dancing, it’s about the small details you know that make people who they are and make them interesting.” Nat

A key benefit for people working in care communities (apart from the fact that they don’t have to prepare for the online events) is that they will get to know the people they support much better. They may learn something new about them – the smaller details that are not included in their care plans.

“Staff can know more about the residents and actually have better conversations with them outside the sessions.” Nat

The online events can also provide a theme that staff may like to explore further before or after the live event.

A space for shared experiences

Our events are a shared experience; with a number of different voices heard and shared every time. The events are not passive or on demand – they are vibrant and interactive:

when you learn something new, when you have a chance to relax, to express yourself – whether that’s talking about a memory, sharing an opinion, or having a little dance.” Bob

Because everything is online and can be accessed via a laptop or tablet, it is easy to include residents who may not want to join in group activities. For example, people can join from their beds if this suits them best.

 Contact Vibrant Communities

Our skilled hosts offer personalised and meaningful events and social groups every weekday. If you would like to find out more about how Vibrant Communities could support outstanding personalisation in your care community please visit our website:,  or email

Many thanks to Nat and Bob for contributing to this article.

Written by Sarah Fitsell, Marketing and engagement lead at Vibrant Communities

Photos accredited to Rebecca Cresta.

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