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Service launched to track COVID-19 status and PPE use

In response to the unprecedented challenges faced across care, a new service has been launched today. Free to all users, C19 CONTROL records and reports COVID-19 status and PPE use at the frontline of care.
Designed to capture and share essential information, C19 CONTROL gives carers and care managers a simple but effective way of tracking the COVID-19 status of both staff and those being cared for. This includes identifying those who are self-isolating.
Given the challenges in the supply of PPE for care services, C19 CONTROL allows carers and teams to report the availability and use of protective equipment. This essential insight is shared with care managers in real time.
As well as supporting the delivery of care, the information gathered by C19 CONTROL can be shared to support the wider response to COVID-19. Automated reporting and heatmaps can be shared with public services, including regulators and NHS as well as local, regional and national government.
Developed by everyLIFE, a leading provider of digital services for care, this free service is available on Android and iOS as well as a web-based portal; all supported by online tools and an experienced, UK-based customer support team.
Duncan Campbell, Director at everyLIFE said “As soon as we understood the significance of the COVID-19 for care services, our teams were determined to make a difference. We wanted to make COVID-19 status and PPE tracking available to all carers and care providers. This had to reflect the needs of frontline care, easy to use and aligned with the overall response to COVID-19.
C19 CONTROL is the result of amazing efforts across everyLIFE, with support from our partners and other stakeholders across the health and care system. We will continue to develop features as guidance is issued and we receive feedback from those using the C19 CONTROL service.”

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