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Road Worlds for Seniors 2021 has officially started

We are excited to announce that this year’s Road Worlds for Seniors has officially kicked
off across all the participating nations, and we are already some days into the

This year we have amazingly 11 countries and over 250 teams signed up, representing
thousands of senior cyclists. We are excited to welcome our dedicated athletes and their
“world class” support team – aiming for this year’s championship to be larger and better
than ever! The championship runs from September 6th to October 1st, having the cyclists
track how far they can go during the event.

Road Worlds for Seniors engages older people in meaningful social interactions,
increases the sense of social connectedness, and combats loneliness.
Each year we are so grateful to be able to applaud all thousands of cyclists with their own
medal. And we crown the male and female champion, the best team and the best
support team – as the supports are crucial for any athlete!
And we are grateful to already have great partners that share our vision, activating and
enabling even more seniors to partake.

A global championship for seniors
Road Worlds for Seniors is a unique championship. It allows older people and people with
dementia to take part in a global sporting event – even though they might live in a long
term care facility. The championship makes the cyclists become a part of something
bigger; A global movement focusing on physical activity and reminiscence for people that
are normally not able to take part in such initiatives.

For our cyclists, the Road Worlds for Seniors is all about having that feeling of friendly
competition and being part of a community, between the cyclists, the care facilities and
across national borders. We want to encourage older people to compete, have fun and
get active at the same time. We want to focus on the abilities instead of disabilities, and
we are proud to be working with communities of like-minded people, on local,
governmental, national and international levels, who share a common goal in this.
Read more and follow the event at

Inspiring stories already emerging
The event has already sparked several inspiring stories across the participating sites. Both personal stories and goals, as well as the great support we see that the community gives
the sites when they promote across SoMe channels – which we see as one of the core impacts of the Road Worlds for Seniors!

Please see below for a couple of inspiring stories, and feel free to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and read our blogs on for more great stories.

Australia will visit the competitors
The participating teams from Harbison in Australia are hoping to connect with other
teams participating this year. Why not explore the world together? “CAMA Woodlands
(Canada) “visited” us via Motiview video last year and celebrated with Australia Day.

We paid them a “visit” a few days later and had our own Canada Day. This year we really love
to connect with other participants globally. Live or in other ways”, says Janice Young from

Communities & Communications at Harbison Care who has two teams participating.
Read the full story here.

A bike ride with great ambitions
Kristi Magrete Sondresen warms up for the Road World for Seniors with a hefty warm-up trip, but she is not so concerned about placement. This lady has a higher goal, namely, to throw the walker and visit her grandchild. Then strength is needed. Read the full story here.

The best teams have already covered more than 1000 km in the team competition in just 4 days, which is amazing! The results are updated twice a day on the website, and many user sites use this to both see their placement, but also to encourage and inspire the staff and senior cyclists showing
the global span of the event. The results show what the sites have so far logged on to the Motiview system, any based on experiences from previous the distance will increase rapidly as more and more sites start adding in their sessions – we are excited to see the updated numbers and the
inspiring triumphs and personal goals as we move further into the competition.
See results here:

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