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Reactive or proactive? Alerts or plans? We are huge fans of the latter 🌼

How do we feel about alerts in care homes? I appreciate their purpose (making sure no one gets hurt), but I’m no fan of staff putting out fires all day long. I vote for a proactive approach. Getting to know the rhythm of a whole home (manager) or even a single service user isn’t easy. Hence, we are proposing to look into this person’s most valuable data. In a care home doing this, you are able to turn around the endless alerts & increase the personalisation of your care plans. It’s hard work in the first month. But ultimately, information on demand is far more useful than information demanding our attention when we’re busy. Knowing that busy is the middle name of ANY care home. Interviewing a care home manager about this, she told me about a service user with a lot of emergency calls: “When we rushed to aid her, it usually turned out that the reason for calling was a glass of lemonade and other nice, but smaller things. Here, our registrations helped us understand the resident much better and create a more appropriate use of the emergency button.”

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