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QCS survey reveals an increased reliance on electronic systems during the pandemic

A groundbreaking report by Quality Compliance Systems (QCS) has revealed an increased reliance on electronic systems during the pandemic.

The study, which sought to garner a real-world picture of the lives of professional carers in order to establish what they required to deliver the best care possible, revealed some interesting findings and trends. 

The ‘Building a Better Workforce’ survey, which was created to identify key challenges that frontline care workers face, found that:

·      Technology improved the way that care workers did their jobs. The study also revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic has driven a technological seachange, which has highlighted the need for better communication in the way care is dispensed. 

·      Technologies – that made care planning, medication management, audit and risk assessment easier – were in great demand. 

·      Systems that delivered guidance and best practice – such as policy management tools – that they valued the most. Over 75 percent of people polled said they had come to rely on them and would continue to do so.

Despite a recruitment and retention crisis in the sector, the survey also found that:

·      90 percent of respondents said they were “happy and satisfied” in the work they do, while nearly half of those who were interviewed stated that they had worked in the social care sector for more than a decade. 

·       70 percent reported that they enjoyed a good work life balance – a finding that is perhaps at odds with the national trend. Maybe this is due to working in a profession where carers are making a genuine difference to those they support each day.

The survey identified several findings, however, that care providers should not ignore. Career development was an area that it was felt could be improved for social care staff with 14 percent reporting that they felt that opportunities to further their career in social care were very limited.

You can download the findings here:

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