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Praise, Prayer and Togetherness on Keychange’s digital community

Live, online sessions offer Keychange the opportunity for people living in different care communities to get together and celebrate their Christian faith

Vibrant Communities are partners with NCF member Keychange, who operate care homes across England as well as housing communities in Surrey and Devon. We host Keychange’s digital community and provide live, online events and social groups for people living and working in their communities.  

Keychange are a Christian charity and our digital experience have offered them a new and exciting to enjoy their Christian faith together. 

We have worked with them to create a bespoke event just for their communities – a regular Christian service called Praise, Prayer and Togetherness.

“Praise, Prayer & Togetherness  is one of the greatest things that I have the privilege of being involved with.”  

Manager, Alde House

Care provider wide Christian events

The live, online services are a unique opportunity for the different communities, who cover wide geographical area, to come together and share a meaningful experience. Vibrant Communities uses Zoom to enable the communities to see, hear and interact with one another.

During these services over 60 individuals, in 10 different locations, come together for a celebration of their shared Christian faith.

Everyone is welcome to take part, and this has grown as more care communities felt to be  part of the digital community. We now regularly have people from 8 communities contributing during each service. People can say hello, share readings, and sing hymns together.

What really makes these services so special is that people living and working in Keychange communities work with Vibrant Communities to plan and great content for the services. This can include choosing hymns on the theme, finding readings or prayers, or creating art for the services.

For Evelyn, who lives at Wayside Care home, the opportunity to be part of PPT means a great deal.

Evelyn brings bible readings hymns and songs to each service that she has prepared beforehand. She also coordinates contributions from people living in other communities; she calls round the homes to ask people to read during the service, updates the order of service, and acknowledges people.

“I like the togetherness of involving all the communities, also

helps me with my faith and I get to learn more about Jesus and the Bible.

love doing the planning and the setting up of the order of service.” Evelyn

Evelyn’s passion and amazing organisational skills have inspired other communities as they have seen what a huge impact someone living in a Keychange community can have.

Evelyn has also benefited from the experience. Her confidence has grown and she is empowered speak up and take the lead.

Next steps

We are working with Keychange to build on the success of the Praise, Prayer & Togetherness services. We are going to reach out to the local community, friends and families so that they join in with the services.

There is also a new Keychange wide event on Vibrant Communities called a Community Café. This monthly event will help communities to keep in touch and share meaningful experiences together. We’ll explore different themes, starting with friendship, and see where the conversations lead us.

If this story has inspired you, and you’d like to have a chat about how we could help your care community please get in touch on, or come along to some of our sessions.

You can sign up for 5 free taster sessions here.

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