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Outstanding leadership and mental health through COVID-19

We know mental health will be a big issue for care staff coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Quality Compliance Systems (QCS) spoke to the British Psychological Society, National Care Forum, Age UK, TRICRES and the Social Care Institute for Excellence to find out how managers can limit the impact on their staff, and share their findings here.

It has claimed the lives of over 315,000 people, hospitalised many more and deprived the world of its liberty. And without a vaccine, it may be some time before COVID-19 is beaten. But when it is finally tamed, it is not just the physical injuries that will leave a mark, but the psychological scars too. Particularly vulnerable in this crisis are the nation’s frontline care workers.

But how many people in the care sector have been affected? How many will experience mental health issues as a result of seeing too much? And most importantly, with budgets likely to be severely stretched after the crisis abates, will care workers be able to access the necessary resources to help them come to terms with what they have experienced?


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