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New textured modified range launched by apetito

In what it describes as a unique and important landmark, leading care home meals provider, apetito, has launched 10 new market-leading texture modified meals as part of its Culinary Inspirations’ product launch.

In a move to deliver world-leading visual innovations, apetito has introduced a range of pioneering IDDSI Level 5 meals. First of their kind, the four meals in this range feature a moulded protein element, which aims to stimulate and entice residents’ appetite whilst further bringing dignity back to dining.  New dishes include Salmon in Dill Sauce, Beef in Gravy, Beef Grillsteak, and Vegetable & Westcountry Cheddar Cheese Bake.

To offer further choice to residents, apetito has also added a further three dishes to its standard Level 5 range, including Fisherman’s Bake, Creamy Chicken Pie and Pasta Bolognese.

Furthermore, apetito has also introduced a new world-leading rice mould to its Level 4, award-winning, Puree Petite softer foods range. Due to its grainy nature and high starch content, rice is notoriously challenging to fully purée, but now, in a ground-breaking move, the company has developed a puréed texture which it believes will be welcomed by those with swallowing difficulties who are unable to eat rice in its solid form.

This latest innovation from apetito provides care homes with rice designed in line with a Level 4 Puréed diet, but with the same great taste and dining experience that rice can provide.  Equally important, is the visual aspect, as it also looks as good as it tastes.

With rice now accompanying each of the new dishes, and with over 500 calories and 15g of protein in every 275g portion size, the carefully developed new meals include: a warming Beef Chilli with kidney beans, served with rice and peas; Sweet and Sour Chicken, which comprises puréed chicken, pineapple and peppers in a sweet and sour sauce along with rice and peas, and Chicken Tikka Masala. This delicious, puréed chicken has been infused with a medium spiced coconut and tomato sauce and is served with rice and creamed spinach.

Created by apetito’s expert product development team and in-house dietitian, the resulting dishes offer great choice and an exceptional dining experience to residents living with dysphagia, while delivering the quality and innovation that the company is so renowned for in the Care sector.

Describing the launch as “highly innovative and incredibly exciting”, Neil Hargreaves, Care homes Divisional Manager said:  “When it comes to first impressions, food presentation is paramount and we understand how important it is for residents to dine with dignity, no matter their dietary needs.

“Everything we do here at apetito seeks to enhance and deliver an exceptional dining experience for care home residents. For us, this range is all about offering choice and innovation and most importantly, bringing enjoyment back to mealtimes for those living with dysphagia.”

As a leading supplier of meals to the care sector, apetito works in partnership with care homes to serve great tasting, nutritious food whilst delivering real cost savings, supporting the best dining experience and meeting diverse dietary needs.

Through a dedicated support team, apetito can offer care homes fast and safe mobilisation and a bespoke service tailored to individual care home challenges.

apetito’s mobile presentation suite, the apetiser, (which allows for safe, socially distanced sampling of its meals), is travelling round the UK to care homes – to book a visit to your care home or to find out more details on apetito’s Culinary Inspirations range; check out or contact 01225 569403.


Full list of dishes:

Level 4 Puree Petite Beef Chilli with Rice

Level 4 Puree Petite Sweet & Sour Chicken with Rice

Level 4 Puree Petite Chicken Tikka Masala with Rice

Level 5 (Shaped) Salmon in Dill Sauce

Level 5 (Shaped) Beef in Gravy

Level 5 (Shaped) Beef Grillsteak

Level 5 (Shaped) Vegetable & Westcountry Cheddar Cheese Bake

Level 5 Fisherman’s Bake

Level 5 Creamy Chicken Pie

Level 5 Pasta Bolognese

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