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New Course Release – Care and Support for Autistic People

Altura Learning’s new course Care and Support for Autistic People is now available in our home care and residential libraries.

Autism is a condition that affects how a person thinks, feels, communicates and interacts with others. This course explores what autism is and outlines how service providers can provide safe, person-centred care and support.

This is a Developing course on the Altura Learning Pathway and is recommended for care and clinical staff working with autistic adults in the health and social care environment.

After completing this course, learners will be able to:

  • Identify how the care provision for autistic individuals is regulated
  • Describe what autism is
  • Recognise the common characteristics of autism 
  • Identify practical strategies for supporting autistic adults

The course is accompanied by a comprehensive set of learning resources, including a course information sheet, infographic, quick reference guide and coordinator resources, which include a case scenario and a training game. 

This course is available in a SCORM format. It has been developed using eLearning authoring tools that provide greater interactivity and flexibility for learners. The design of the course maximises active rather than passive learning, which enhances the learning process and increases knowledge retention.

How does this course support service providers in England to meet the CQC requirements?

Under the Health and Care Act 2022, all registered health and social care providers are now required to provide training for their staff in autism. This includes training on how to interact appropriately with autistic people.

This means all staff, including ancillary staff, must have training on autism at a level appropriate to their role. They must also receive appropriate supervision in their role, to ensure they demonstrate and maintain competence in understanding the needs of autistic people, including knowing how to support them in the best way.

The CQC has stated that service providers “are responsible for ensuring your staff are appropriately trained to meet the requirements of the regulations.”

When the CQC conducts an inspection to assess the quality of care provided by a service, that will be checking that staff are “delivering safe, person-centred care and treatment that safeguards people using services from abuse and improper treatment.”

Altura Learning’s course is designed for all health and social care staff who require a general understanding of autism and the support autistic people may need. This aligns with Tier 1 training capabilities from the Core Capabilities Framework for Supporting Autistic People.

Please note — this training is not designed to replace The Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training on Learning Disability and Autism. This course (including the comprehensive set of learning resources) is designed for continuous learning and refresher training, as required. 

You can find out more about Care and Support for Autistic People here

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