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Motitech launching campaign during the COVID-19 crisis: Free cycling and video with Motiview

We are all affected by the COVID-19 virus, and we fully appreciate the stresses experienced by care sector professionals during this challenging time. We all look forward to an improvement in the situation but, in the interim period, we trust that Motiview can prove a source of inspiration and escapism for residents (as well as staff). The risk of inactivity and increased loneliness is significantly higher now, especially for older people.

As a consequence, we are now offering Motiview for free for 3 months to all care facilities that want to use it for the benefit of their residents. All you need to get going is a TV screen, a laptop, and some simple floor pedals or other exercise equipment.

The National Care Forum, alongside Care England, is also supporting the free three-month trial; helping those in long-term care get access to vital initiatives like this.

To see just how beneficial Motiview can be, please watch the following video:

We know that many care professionals would like to facilitate more physical activity for residents in care facilities, and the current situation will most likely not make this any easier. People and facilities using Motiview also report significant cognitive and mental benefits (reminiscence, inspiration, excitement, etc.), and for improved social connectedness (telling stories based on what they see, etc.). We’ve seen that all of these benefits, in combination, improve the general quality of life.

Being deeply appreciative of all the great work you do for older people and people with dementia every day,but now also under extraordinary circumstances, we hope that this can help you get going with a low barrier initiative that can boost physical activity without the need for going outdoors.

We would love to hear how you think this could fit into your needs and plans. Please use this form to sign up for the free trial, and one of us will contact you shortly.

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