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Meet our football expert: Jim

I’d like to share a bit more about Jim’s experience of Vibrant Communities 

Jim lives in a care community that is part of Vibrant Communities. Jim is a lifelong West Bromwich football fan. Before he joined our online football group he greatly missed talking about football and was isolated and withdrawn. Now Jim is very enthusiastic and heavily involved in our football club sessions. 

“ a general feeling of satisfaction and being uplifted, seeing and hearing from other folks of my generation recounting their tales and memories, and reawakening images and further thoughts in my own mind.” – Jim

Back in June 2021, Jim met Louise from the National Football Museum to help set up the group. Jim spends time preparing for the group, for example he comes up with entries to the Hall of Fame and researches matches of the bygone day.

Writing quizzes is another of Jim’s passions; it is something he has always done and greatly enjoys. Jim was a teacher and has fond memories of writing quizzes on coaches on the way back from school trips. He now writes the music quiz section of the football group, plus all the sports rounds for Vibrant Communities’ other quiz events.

Through the online events, Jim has formed friendships with football fans in other care communities. He is part of a wider community of people who remember the same matches and era, although they can’t agree on which is the best club!

Jim has benefited from being part of a wider online community with Vibrant Communities. He now enjoys over 6 hours extra personalised and meaningful engagement each month.

I’d love to bring this deep and meaningful engagement to your care communities. Please get in touch if you would like to know more or visit the Vibrant Communities website. You can also sign up for free taster sessions here.

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