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Log my Care sees 60% of its care homes adopting the new COVID-19 monitoring tools and anticipates the UK care sector’s needs

The health secretary Matt Hancock has pledged tests for all staff and residents with Coronavirus symptoms, as only 1000 care workers in the UK have been tested until now.

While an unprecedented crisis in the care sector is occurring, Log my Care has already seen 60% of its clients use the COVID-19 symptoms monitoring tools in 10 days. The software company has also recorded over 1600 downloads of its free Coronavirus support resources. This has encouraged the team to work harder and understand the future needs of the care sector even better.

What is needed from the system? What resources will save time? Which tools could help save lives?

The social care sector is struggling with the lack of guidance, small supplies of PPE, the longer-term impacts on staff and clients of shielding and isolation. Log my Care’s mission has always been to stay as close as possible with its community of care business owners, care managers and frontline carers and to provide help wherever possible.

On the 16th of March, the software company decided to pause development on their future projects and focus their efforts on producing helpful Coronavirus related resources and features to share with care providers across the country.

The start-up has also directed its development team to build Coronavirus symptoms monitoring tools within its management software, for free. Log my Care has also trained its help team to respond well to emotional stress that can affect care workers at this time.

These tools help carers and Care Managers track their clients’ potential symptoms easily, make decisions accordingly and report coronavirus deaths more accurately to the government, the latter being the most recent problematic to date.

Here’s what one of Log my Care’s client thoughts after trying out the new virus symptoms tracking tools:

“We love the system and the COVID-19 additions have been well thought out so congrats to the entire Log my Care team!”  Beverly Dobbin – Director, Penbownder House.

A message from Sam Hussain, Founder of Log my Care:

“As soon as we learnt that the virus dramatically affected the elderly and those with multiple underlying health conditions, we realised that people in care would be hugely at risk. Something needed to be done quickly to provide our community of care professionals with a tool to help protect those in their care and I’m incredibly proud of how quickly my team has got these specialist tools into carers’ hands. Regular monitoring and real-time alerts to virus outbreaks within care services have the potential to save thousands of lives and we’re happy to provide our technology as widely as possible to the social care sector during these critical times.”

 How are Log my Care helping?

 Respiratory rate charts

As part of their free care software Log my Care has released a new feature that enables monitoring of any shortness of breath amongst service users. Easy to read, this chart is updated live by data entered by frontline care staff on smartphones.

 Cough recording

In response to the outbreak, Log my Care has also launched a new cough recording feature, which will help health practitioners and care professionals to understand the chronology and development of a service user’s cough, whether it is symptomatic of Coronavirus or not.

Recording temperature

Care professionals are now able to record their clients’ temperatures to assess if they might be infected by Coronavirus. This will come in handy when Managers need to rapidly decide on whether to place a client in isolation and what steps they need to take to ensure the person receives the correct care

 Symptoms monitor dashboard

All these recognised symptoms are then fed into a single visualised dashboard. This contains visual warning symbols (red, amber and green), allowing Managers to assess and monitor the health of their clients as their symptoms evolve. As well as giving instant oversight of symptoms within their care service.

Additional COVID-19 free support resources

Log my Care has created a Coronavirus support resource library it includes a range of different resources a care professional might need, including customisable contingency plans, key worker identification letters, NHS admissions guidance and Coronavirus risk assessments. These are free for any care provider and the support being constantly updated with best practice from care sector specialists as the crisis develops.

 These new features are entirely free. Click here to visit the website.

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