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Log my Care launches integrated eMAR system for care homes

Care home software provider Log my Care has launched a new electronic medication administration record (eMAR) system that is fully integrated with its app for managing care records. Log my Care’s eMAR now allows care providers to take all their medication records online.

The new system means that care staff can manage medication rounds and records digitally through Log my Care’s app instead of on paper. Unlike other care software providers, Log my Care’s eMAR system is fully integrated with its care management system. This makes it far quicker and easier for care teams to access all the information they need about the people they care for.

National studies of use of medication in care homes have found unacceptably high levels of mistakes – the Care Homes Use of Medicines Study (CHUMS) reported as many as two-thirds of residents being exposed to errors. Reasons for errors varied, but as well as lack of access to doctors, inaccurate records and difficult to fill (and check) admin systems were included.

Log my Care’s eMAR system has been designed to help reduce the number of errors. Medication is an area where a simple typo or handwriting that is difficult to read can have enormous consequences. By making medication records digital, these challenges can be vastly reduced. All medications in Log my Care’s eMAR system are linked to the NHS’ dm+d database, enabling medications to be quickly and easily selected from an accurate and up-to-date list. Care managers have full oversight of medication management including medication rounds, individual clients’ medication history, stock and a full list of logs associated with a medication.

From the carers’ perspective, medication records are easy to create and keep track of. Time can be saved by removing the need to record duplicate information and staff can have peace of mind that errors due to handwriting can be avoided.

During the pre-launch phase, Log my Care’s eMAR system was tested extensively by existing users who have collectively administered over one million medications. Log my Care is now offering all care services a free, 30-day trial of its eMAR system alongside its care recording app, with no need to add payment details to try it out.

Sam Hussain, Founder of Log my Care, comments:

“Adding medication management to our platform has been a goal from the start. It represents a huge jump in functionality to bring another set of tools for care teams, all under one roof. I’m delighted that our eMAR module is already supporting hundreds of providers to cut down on errors and manage the medicines process more efficiently.”

Ian Bradford, Owner of Greenview Residential Care Home in Romsey, Hampshire, comments:

“Log my Care’s eMAR system is a really good fit for us. It’s easy to use and means we can be much more efficient. It shows us that care was delivered in the right way and when; it means eliminating mistakes and at the same time making sure we have accountability for what we are doing. From the staff’s point of view; they were already tech-friendly and used to using smartphones and can see that the eMAR system is a help rather than a hindrance. I used to get regular reports and notifications of issues and challenges with medication – now I get virtually none because it is working so smoothly.”

Louise Jones, Registered Manager at Bridle Lodge in Nottingham which is rated outstanding by CQC, comments:

“Our eMAR system has given me a better oversight of what’s going on in my home. Instead of having to go and check on the written MAR sheets in a service user’s bedroom, I can just click on my computer from anywhere and check that the medication has been administered. I would never go back to paper. I like this system; it makes life so much easier.”

Log my Care is the fastest-growing provider of care management software in the UK, now used by more than 500 providers. The core system of Log my Care plus all of their Coronavirus tracking tools are completely free to use for all registered UK care providers, with no long, expensive contracts. Several optional premium modules with enhanced features are also available for a monthly subscription.

To find out more about Log my Care’s new eMAR system visit

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