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Leading care home administration provider launches digital reception

Care home administration software provider, CoolCare, has announced the launch of its digital reception — acting as a front of house electronic guestbook to help simplify the ‘sign in’ admin process.

The new software collects valuable feedback from visitors, allowing care providers to gain insights that help to understand and enhance the experiences of residents and their families. This valuable function aligns with the experiential feedback requirements outlined by the Care Quality Commission.

Upon arrival, a visitor, professional or resident is presented with a welcome screen where they can sign in and if needed, read notices, answer questions or add important details (such as car registration). Alternatively, if visitors prefer a ‘no contact’ method, they can scan a QR code and complete the sign in process on their personal device, removing the need to touch the screen, and maximising infection control.

As well as seamlessly connecting with CoolCare to streamline record matching, the Digital Reception can alternatively be connected to Person Centred Software (PCS) to import resident and staff data.

Where CoolCare is integrated with PCS, data can flow from either provider to Digital Reception, meaning data need only be entered into CoolCare, as it will seamlessly be populated in the other two systems.  Where customers have PCS care planning software, visitors can be logged in the resident’s care record automatically.

For those homes focussed on enquiries and occupancy, activating the inbuilt Autumna ‘live ratings’ feature allows visitors to leave feedback and reviews that will automatically be shared to a premium Autumna account, bolstering the home’s online profile and SEO performance for new enquiries.

Iain Corrigan, Acting Commercial Director for CoolCare, said: “This latest value-added feature does more than replace the paper visitor books — it is a feedback engine. It collates valuable feedback from visitors, residents, and even staff, meaning that care home management teams have real feedback in real time that they can proactively work on to improve their services.

“We know that managers, staff and the CQC absolutely love this detailed level of continuous feedback, it’s a great add on to CoolCare and a great benefit to our care home customers.”

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