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Keeping families close this winter

Facilitating safe visitations has been a top priority for care homes throughout the pandemic. There is no denying the impact that loneliness and social deprivation can have on an individual’s emotional and even physical wellbeing.

Homes have done everything in their power to accommodate for the needs of both their residents and their families. However, it is no secret that every person who visits a home poses a potential risk to the safety of the residents. Which is why it is important that risk management plans include clear, effective, and efficient communication processes.

Methods such as emails, group text and even social media have been utilised to ensure that infection control measures are properly understood. However, the constant communication, reassurance and coordination is putting additional pressure on the care workforce.

To support visitation and infection control this winter, Cliniconex UK are offering their Automated Care Messaging tool at no cost until 31st of March 2021.

With Automated Care Messaging, everyone can be notified of urgent or ongoing situations in just minutes. Messages are delivered via the recipients’ preferred method of contact (email, voice, text), where they can either confirm receipt or request a call back.

This simple risk management addition requires-little-to-no training and returns time to care when it is needed most.

With Automated Care Messaging families can be kept close, staff have one of their many responsibilities resolved, and changes to policies and procedures can be implemented instantly.

To learn more about how Automated Care Messaging call Paddy on 07525 099 740 or email

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