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Grant Scheme and Infection Control

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to present an unprecedented challenge for social care. In the past 12 months, over 50% of UK Care Homes suffered from an outbreak of coronavirus.

As a result, in late March 2021, the government announced an additional £600 million grant to support providers through a new infection control fund. But how are Care Homes across the UK using this government grant?

Some Care Home groups are currently following the latest trend of infection control through air purification, where simple-to-use free-standing air purification units are used to purify indoor air and reduce the risk of viral transmissions between residents. But is this trend backed by any scientific evidence?

Research from Harvard Medical School shows the efficiency of air purifiers within indoor environments and the JAMA association proved the positive correlation between worsening of dementia and poor indoor air quality.

Focusing on the indoor air quality has proven to be extremely beneficial, especially since the British Medical Journal confirmed the main cause of Covid-19 transmission to be airborne.

Care Home residents are benefitting through better indoor air quality and decreased risk of virus transmission but so are the staff, as latest technologies are able to filter pollen and dust mites, allowing the personnel to perform better and avoid allergic or hay-fever-like reactions.

Implementing air purification systems could also be utilised as a marketing strategy, reassuring families that their beloved ones are constantly breathing purified air.

Companies such as MedicAir are helping through this transition, offering medical grade purifiers (once available only to NHS Trusts and surgeries) and assisting you with the government grant scheme, which ultimately allows you to purchase air purifiers for free.

It is the right time to take a step forward, it is the right time to ask for help. For more information, call 07493 366329. An air purification specialist will be at your disposal to assist you through your infection control strategy, free of charge.

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