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Government Social Care Infection Control Fund

We have become aware that a number of care homes have been awarded the Government’s Social Care Infection Control Grant to help fund their move to digital care monitoring and care planning systems in order to control and manage infections.

If you are in the process of applying for this grant we have produced some words below for you to use in your grant application form to help make the case for going digital.

Contact your Local Authority regarding further information about the Government’s Social Care Infection Control Fund and contact us directly for more information about our digital care system, Mobile Care Monitoring.

Mobile Care Monitoring Infection Control

Person Centred Software’s specialist digital care home system is used in over 1,800 care homes and is now more valuable than ever as it enables care homes to protect residents and staff from risk of spreading viral infections including COVID-19 from the following measures:

Point 1:  Restricts the spread of bacteria and viruses by using a clinical hand held devices rather than paperwork and plastic folders

Point 2:  Digital coronavirus alerts to the care manager and care staff

Point 3:  COVID-19 (and other infections) tracker

Point 4:  infection track and trace for care homes

Point 5:  Recording and monitor COVID-19 symptoms for residents using the Care app

Point 6:  Remote GP access to digital care management system

Point 7:  Online Relatives Gateway

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If you would like to find out more about how our digital care system can benefit your care home, contact us on 01483 357657 or

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