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Cyber-attacks are on the increase

During this moment in time, it is more critical than ever before to ensure you have the correct and adequate IT protection in place. Criminal activity is varied and can have a massive impact on your business and to your service users and their families.

Many businesses assume that they have transferred their liabilities and risk when their data is in a cloud provider’s hands. In most cases this is not the position and there is little protection in terms of liability with your cloud providers. As recently as July 2020, The National Trust became one of the latest victims to issue a data breach alert, after cloud computing service Blackbaud was attacked. The growing cyber-attack has so far also affected charities such as Sue Ryder, Young Minds as well as dozens of Universities.

Although Blackbaud have said the data compromised did not include bank account or payment card details, a source has told the BBC that in some cases it involved donors’ details including:

  • Names, ages and addresses.
  • Car licence details.
  • Eployers.
  • Estimated wealth and identified assets.

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