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CoolCare undergoes rebrand as it seeks to solidify its position as admin tech specialist

CoolCare, a leading UK care home administration software provider, has undergone a comprehensive rebrand for 2022. The fresh new branding better represents who CoolCare is and how its software benefits its customers.

Over the last 30 years, CoolCare has become known for making care home operations easier, more efficient and more profitable, giving the company a market lead as a social care software. The rebrand is designed to emphasise that reputation, underlining CoolCare’s proven expertise in creating innovative software that enables and empowers successful care home businesses.

Part of the branding refresh sees a minor, but important, change in the product name.  CoolCare’s software has previously been known as ‘CoolCare4’, i.e., the fourth definitive version. Since CoolCare4’s launch in 2018, the software has constantly evolved, with more than 200 updates delivered to customers. These automatic updates reflect CoolCare’s development philosophy that new features and enhancements are added continuously as opposed to saving them for ‘the next big edition’. To better represent this constant delivery of improvements, the number ‘4’ has been dropped from the software name and it will be known as just ‘CoolCare’ going forwards.   

Speaking of the rebrand, Fiona Hale, Managing Director at CoolCare, said: “From the beginning, our sole focus has been solving the challenges that care homes face when managing their business operations. Having run homes in the past, we’re care home experts, first and foremost, with extensive knowledge of the needs and requirements of operators. This means everything we do is geared towards making their lives easier from an administrative standpoint – including enhanced efficiency and profitability.”

Fiona added: “The CoolCare brand is built on four core pillars: Service, Simplicity, Quality and Trust. These pillars are the guiding principles that inform everything that we, as a company, do, say and provide – allowing us to build values that align with our suppliers and customers.”

As part of the overhaul, a new identity, logo and a comprehensively updated website have all been launched.

For more information on CoolCare and its services please visit or call +44 (0) 133 385 3853.

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