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Carterwood launches game-changing Fast-track report

We are proud to share the launch announcement of Carterwood’s new Fast-track report.

Delivering elderly care home fees, funding mix and fill rate advice in as little as two days, Carterwood’s new Fast-track reports include the same expert sector-specialist advice, powered by market-leading data, but delivered up to five times faster and for 30% less cost to you.

The ability to access sector-specialist market analysis advice within 48 hours with the Fast-track report is a game changer and speeds up our decision-making significantly. It enables us to run appraisals on potential sites and turn bids around quicker than ever.’

Julian Burgess, Barchester

Are you a Carterwood Analytics | Elderly Care Homes subscriber? If so, then you can also get exclusive discounts on Carterwood’s Fast-track reports.

When so many things can slow you down, don’t let your due diligence be one of them.

 Click here to find out more about Carterwood’s Fast-track report

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