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Carterwood – Fee benchmarking East of England, South East, London, South West and Scotland

Carterwood Research –July 2020
Authors: Ben Hartley (Director), Jessica Stainthorp (Senior Analyst)

This research explores variations in private elderly fee rates across the East of England, London, the South East, the South West, Scotland, and investigates how fee rates vary when factors such as regulatory rating, year of first registration and dementia care provision are taken into account.

Key Findings:

  • Care homes with an “Outstanding” rating have on average between 12% to 24% higher self-funded rates compared to homes rated “Good”. However, there is comparatively little difference between homes rated across other CQC grades and there is no difference in self-funded fee rates between a home that Requires Improvement and one that is rated Inadequate.
  • Care homes in the South East charge the highest self-funded fee rates (£1,351 average). All five regions achieve over £1,000 per week for nursing care, and four of the five have average nursing care fees of over £1,200 per week. There is, however, significant variation at the local authority level.As expected, across all regions there is a strong correlation between age of home and fee rates, with the most recent developments able to charge a significant premium over older stock. Nevertheless, self-funded average rates across all homes in Scotland and Southern England are high.
  • Overall, 21% and 31% of nursing and personal care fee rates respectively show a premium for dementia care over general elderly frail rates where they are registered for both care categories.
  • Fees for nursing care dementia are on average 1.1% higher than standard OP nursing care, and personal care dementia fees are 2.7% higher than standard personal care. Where homes have specialist dementia units in larger mixed registration homes and they do differentiate fee rates then the premiums are significantly higher at 4.5% and 8.4%, for nursing and personal care, respectively.

202007 – Carterwood Fees benchmarking – Final (002)

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