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Care-tech start-up Milbotix announces mission-led angel investment

Milbotix is an award-winning care-tech start-up and spin-out from the University of Bristol and the University of the West of England.  The 12-person company, led by CEO Dr Zeke Steer, and CXO, Jacqui Arnold, has received grants worth over £1/4 million and is partnered with Alzheimer’s Society, the UK’s leading dementia charity.

The Milbotix SmartSocks™ contain comfortable textile sensors that measure the wearer’s sweat, pulse, temperature, and motion. Using patent-pending artificial intelligence, the Milbotix mobile app alerts dementia carers to signs of pain and anxiety which could cause the person to become agitated and aggressive if left unmanaged. 

Angel investor Dean was inspired to invest in Milbotix after witnessing that his late mother, who had dementia, was becoming increasingly agitated and aggressive.

“Smart socks would have picked up when Mum was becoming agitated and would have helped in the early days of Mum’s illness by enabling Dad to deploy the distraction techniques we used to calm her. They would also have helped the hard-pressed care home staff to target their care to her needs and alerted them to her distress when she was alone in her room, enabling them to respond more quickly and help relieve her anxiety.”

Zeke and Jacqui seek passionate, impact-oriented investor-advisors like Dean to support the commercial development of the Milbotix SmartSocks™. If you’ve witnessed the devasting effects of dementia on your loved ones and you want to make a difference, then please get in touch.

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