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Care sector organisations join forces to continue to keep families connected during lockdown

During the coronavirus pandemic Person Centred Software has provided its Relatives Gateway platform free of charge to care homes – enabling family members to stay connected with loved ones in care.

But with staff shortages and residents unable to carry out their usual activities during lockdown this has resulted in less time for staff to provide mental and physical activities with residents, consequently making it harder for them to have meaningful video conversations with their loved ones.

Since the early days of COVID-19, the Daily Sparkle app has been specifically developed to meet the unique needs of care home residents who are isolating in their rooms.

These residents are experiencing a severe loss of mental and emotional stimulation – no outings, no entertainers, few, if any social activities, and often, no visits from relatives. With staff having extra duties to carry out, residents are also suffering from a much reduced level of normal human connection.

The ultimate aim of the app is to encourage relatives to engage with their loved ones and enjoy a wide range of fun activities whist using the Relatives Gateway Video Link. These interactions can not only foster the warm feelings of being connected, but can also provide vital mental and emotional stimulation for the resident.

The app is a treasure trove of activities which have been specifically created for older people and people living with dementia who are resident in care homes. It includes the UK’s most used activity resource, The Daily Sparkle reminiscence newspapers. Relatives will find these, along with other quizzes and songs within the app, an ideal tool to generate meaningful conversation which will trigger happy memories for their loved ones.

With Person Centred Software’s easy to use technology and Daily Sparkle’s activities, there are a wide range of engaging and stimulating tools both relatives and residents can enjoy together. This may well lead to longer and more frequent calls. The relative gains a sense of meaningful engagement and contribution to the resident’s wellbeing, and the resident benefits from feeling connected and receiving some much needed mental and emotional stimulation.

To sign up for the free Relatives Gateway visit and for the Daily Sparkle app contact

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